Clench-a-Butt (series)

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Clench-a-Butt title graphic

Clench-a-Butt is the name of the name of a series of Chatrealm-created stories, which are similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure or Twistaplot series. The series was first used on air in Night Attack episode 38, Clench-A-Butt (the A is capitalized in the episode title, but not in the story series). The first story in the series was written by Karl.

A Clench-a-Butt story follows at least one person (or group) that is related to that Chatrealm. For example, a Clench-a-Butt story could Amtrekker and the Night Attack Knight (who might attack Night Attack) as they direct a Game.

A Clench-a-Butt template is available.

Published Stories

The following volumes of Clench-a-Butt have been played on-air:

Volume Number Sub-Title Collaborators Tease Played In Episodes… Download Links
1 Mo' Dragons, Mo' Problems Karl (author)

Spearmint Nitrate (illustrator)

Sunbun and Waffleophagus (editors)

It’s Dragon Con time!

Brian and Justin need to get to the Night Attack panel.

Will they make it to the show? Will they die in a fire? It’s all up to you!

38 Download

Penny-safe version

Chatrealm Note: Please do not reserve a volume number until your story is done and you have emailed Brian & Justin!