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First of all, thank you very much for wanting to contribute! There are many ways that you can contribute to <> shows, both passively and actively.

In this article, passive contributions are ones that you can do relatively quickly, with little effort on your part; while active contributions actually require work (sometimes hard work) on your part.


Sit Back and Support

There is one easy way that you can contribute to Cordkillers without needing to do any work: Support the show!

Support the show on Patreon

The easiest way to contribute passively is to support the show through

The show charges per episode, so a USD 0.25 contribution per episode (which you can cap at $1 per month if you want) will ensure that the show actually gets some of support dollars!

Be Active!

If you really want to exercise your brain on behalf of the show, there are several ways to contribute!


Tom and Brian catch most of the show-related news, but they can't catch everything! If you see something that did not appear in the broader news world, send it to the show! Content suggestions can be sent in by email to [email protected] or via


Each episode always spends some time reading audience feedback. If you have a unique perspective on something that was covered in a recent episode, or you noticed something unusual while you were working with your local TV provider, let the show know! Feedback can be submitted by email to [email protected] or via


Podcasts need new listeners in order to stay alive over the long term. If you know somebody who is interested in cutting (or shaving) the cord, or who is interested in current or upcoming movies, TV shows, and related gadgets, tell them about the show!

The show's structure is such that the nearing curve for new listeners is low. Yes, each segment has interesting names, but Tom and Brian do a good job each week of making it clear what each segment is for. New listeners can start watching the show at any point.

Daily Tech News Show

Read the News

There are two ways that you can support the show with (almost) just a click of a mouse.

Vote on the Reddit

If you can take two minutes out of your day to graze the Internet, then you can directly help the show!

Every day, the show's Subreddit (at gets filled with more stories that might be covered in the next show. Unfortunately, there just isn't enough show! That's where you come in.

Go to the DTNS Subreddit to see what's been posted. At the very least, read the headline. If you want, click through to the story. Once you've done that, vote that post up (cover it on the show) or down (don't cover it). Tom and Jenny decide what stories to add based on those votes, so your quick clicks are having a direct effect on the show!

Support the show on Patreon

The easiest way to contribute passively is to support the show through

The show charges per month, so a USD 1 contribution per month will ensure that, once credit card and Patreon fees are taken out, the show actually gets some money!

Bring the News

If you really want to exercise your brain on behalf of the show, there are several ways to contribute!

Add to the Reddit

You might have noticed, Tom regularly says the same set of Reddit names when he reads the user-selected headlines. That's because those people regularly add new posts to the DTNS Subreddit.

You should get in on the action! When you see something appear in the news that you think would be appropriate for DTNS to cover, submit a link to the story (be sure to give it an appropriate title). That's it!


The show welcomes emails from people who have more information about a particular story, or who need to provide a clarification about something. Tom is also very interested in receiving reports from people in cases where a news story doesn't cover something very well (Tom will say in the episode when he's especially interested in hearing from people about something).

Send your messages to [email protected], or by voicemail at +1 512 593-2459 (you can also send an MP3).


Have you found something that you love, and you think other DTNS listeners might love it, too? Send in a listener pick!

Suggestions go to [email protected] (help out Tom by putting "Listener Pick" in the Subject line). Make sure to clearly describe what you are suggesting, why other people will love it, and how to find it. If you are including a URL, it's helpful to provide a URL that is easy to say on the air.


How many of your friends, family, and co-workers care about tech news? Or maybe they listen to some tech-related news source already? Make sure they know about DTNS.

Since the show is a daily show talking about tech news, there isn't really any special code language or structure for new listeners to learn. They just need to pull up the latest episode and start listening.