Daily Tech Headlines – June 5, 2018

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Daily Tech Headlines – June 5, 2018
Number 517
Broadcast Date JUNE 5, 2018
Episode Length 3:47
Hosts Sarah Lane

WWDC key announcements, Sharp buys Toshiba’s PC biz, Intel releases limited edition 8086 chip.


At WWDC Monday Apple announced iOS 12, macOS Mojave with a new dark mode, a podcast update to watchOS, zero-sign in on tvOS, "memojis", ARKit advancements, a 32-person Facetime group chat option, and much more software announcements, though no hardware announcements. Apple denied rumors that iOS and macOS are merging but said it would ease porting of iOS apps to Mac slated for 2019.
Apple will limit data tracking across websites to ease user concerns about privacy online. This could block Facebook, Google and others from following users across the web as well as attribute how many individual users were clicking on links or what kinds of people were looking at ads. Users can now opt-in to allow websites to track their browsing behavior on Safari, including sites with a "share" button or comments section provided by companies like Facebook or Google, rather than opting out as they've done in the past. Apple will also limit "fingerprinting," or the ability for companies to pinpoint precisely which device is visiting a website.
Patreon announced today that it acquired New York-based Kit, which allows users to make money by reviewing and sharing products online. In February, Patreon launched Patreon Lens, an exclusive Snapchat or Instagram story-like feature. With its acquisition of Kit, it can handle merchandise more effectively. Patreon says it has 100,000 creators supported by 2 million individuals with paid memberships.
Intel accounced the the Core i7-8086K: a limited edition processor to celebrate Intel’s 50 year company anniversary and the 40 year anniversary of the 8086 processor. It's also Intel's best performing mainstream Coffee Lake processor, and only 50,000 will be made. The processor has a base frequency of 4.0 GHz and a single core turbo of 5.0 GHz, for a probable. 4.6 GHz all-core turbo.
Microsoft and Qualcomm announced they'd put Windows 10 on ARM chips in December 2016, and at Computex Tuesday Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 850 Mobile Compute Platform, promising a 30% boost in performance, a 20% boost in battery life, and a 20% increase in 4G LTE speeds. Indeed, the company says that when it asked about features that consumers would pay for, 60% said gigabit LTE and 83% said over 20 hours of battery life.The Snapdragon 850 is largely based on the Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform for Android phones, but exclusively for Windows 10 PCs.
Sharp is acquiring Toshiba's PC business and will issue $1.8 billion in new shares to buy back stock from banks. Sharp's parent Foxconn is the world’s biggest contract manufacturer, to produce PCs and TVs more cheaply. Sharp said it will take an 80.1 percent stake in Toshiba’s PC unit on Oct. 1, and also retain the Dynabook brand. Toshiba sold 17.7 million PCs seven years ago, and 1.4 million units last year.
An Ontario student has been fined Canadian $400 ($310) for looking at her Apple Watch at a traffic light. Victoria Ambrose was found guilty of breaking Ontario's distracted driving law although she said she was just looking at the time. The judge rejected her claim and said smartwatches were a distraction as much as a "cellphone taped to someone's wrist."


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