Daily Tech Headlines – March 22, 2018

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Daily Tech Headlines – March 22, 2018
Number 464
Broadcast Date MARCH 22, 2018
Episode Length 3:55
Hosts Sarah Lane

Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Google Assistant can now handle Google Pay commands, GoPro licenses its tech to new hardware.


Mark Zuckerberg did interviews with several news outlets Wednesday, apologizing for the situation with Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg said that people value privacy over sharing data and Facebook has been slow to realize that. He also said he's uncomfortable being the one making decisions around content.
Mozilla announced its suspending advertising on Facebook because of concerns over default privacy settings. Mozilla also started a petition calling for Facebook to protect user privacy be default.
Bloomberg reports YouTube intends to ban videos that "promote or link to websites selling firearms and accessories," starting in April. YouTube will also prohibit instructional videos on how to build firearms. Reddit also updated its policies and banned several subreddits involving the trade of firearms, explosives, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), services with "physical sexual contact," stolen goods, personal info and counterfeits.
Tempe police released dashcam footage from the Uber autonomous car that struck and killed a pedestrian. One view shows the safety driver, who appears to be looking down prior to the crash. The other view shows a dark road with the pedestrian walking a bicycle appearing suddenly in the roadway.
Google will now allow peer-to-peer payments using Google Assistant. iOS and Android users can use a command like "send so and so $45" and Assistant will walk you through the steps using Google Pay. Transactions with Assistant will still require authentication to send money — your fingerprint or your Google password, in addition to your voice. So and so will also need Google Pay to accept the money. Back in January, Google merged Google Wallet and Android Pay into a single product, Google Pay. The feature is rolling out to users in the US now.
Slack just updated its privacy policy and tools, which includes premium customers being able to download all the data from their workspace–both public and private–apparently without informing members of the community. Slack says this is in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Slack previously offered a “compliance export”– which required a workspace to enable this function beforehand, and to notify members. For non-paying Slack accounts, they can use this tool if they can show (a) valid legal process, (b) consent of members, or (c) a requirement or right under applicable laws. In other words, it's a hassle to do this unless you're paying Slack.
GoPro announced a multi-year licensing deal with Jabil to put GoPro tech inside approved third-party devices such as police body cameras and video conferencing solutions. This is GoPro's first time allowing other manufacturers to build products with GoPro parts, also without GoPro branding. Jabil is a US manufacturing firm that operates 90 facilities across 23 countries. Financial terms of this new agreement were not announced.
Instagram announced an algorithm update to ensure newer posts will be more likely to appear first in your feed and make the experience fresher overall. Instagram first switched to an algorithmically sorted feed in 2016, which got updated to include recommended posts late last year. Instagram is also testing a “New Posts” button that will let users choose when they’d like to refresh the feed instead of it happening automatically, which some users complained buried content they would have been interested in.


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