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Daily Tech News Show
DTNS 2018.jpg
Daily Tech News Show cover art
Created by Tom Merritt
Hosted by Tom Merritt
Opening theme Martin Bell
No. of episodes 2000+ (based on the number of episodes of daily tech news Tom has hosted including Buzz Out Loud and Tech News Today)
Runtime 45-60 minutes
Producer(s) Roger Chang
Distributor Diamond Club TV
Original Run January 1, 2014 - Present

Daily Tech News Show is the home of Tom Merritt's daily tech news show. Hence the name. Each show delivers the essential headlines in tech news that day combined with analysis from top names in technology.

If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting the show at the low, low cost of a nickel a day on Patreon. Thank you!

Watch a video recording of an audio podcast live at at 4:30p ET / 1:30p PT / 9:30pm UTC

Show Format

  • Top Stories
  • Discussion
  • Pick of the Day
  • Messages of the Day

Host and Staff

Host, Producer, Writer: Tom Merritt – Tom is a veteran podcaster and technology analyst. Tom ran the TechTV.com website. He created and hosted CNET’s Buzz Out Loud podcast with Molly Wood. He created and hosted TWIT’s award-winning Tech News Today podcast. He has been covering the daily tech news on a podcast, day in and day out, since March 2005. Follow Tom on twitter @acedtect

Host, Producer, Writer: Sarah Lane – Sarah is a veteran TV and Web journalist and host with experience at TechTV, Revision 3, TWiT, TechCrunch, Lionsgate and more. Sarah hosted Tech News Today with Tom Merritt for several years and directed video as well as hosting updates for TechCrunch. Follow Sarah on Twitter at @sarahlane

Executive Producer, Booker: Roger Chang : Roger Chang – Roger started out in technology reporting by working on ZDTV later known as TechTV. After TechTV went away, Roger began working for a small little company called Revision3 who produced a show called Tekzilla with Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont, later Shannon Morse. After the show was cancelled and Roger was let go by Revision3, he went to work for DTNS as a video editor and producer.

Senior Advisor: Jennie Josephson - Jennie started out in radio at age 4. She later worked in television at CBS News and HDNet. She joined the internet in 2010, producing award-winning videos for Yahoo Studios, like this mini-documentary which you can watch if you have tissues nearby. Jennie has now managed to combine three media into one job, all while WFH. Neat! Follow Jennie on twitter @jenniej23

Music: Martin Bell for the opening and closing theme. Dan Lueders for the Top Stories theme.

Show logo: Mustafa A. from thepolarcat.com

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