Drone drunk

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Drone drunk
Number 26
Broadcast Date June 30, 2014
Episode Length 1:15:04
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Darren Kitchen

We walk through the Aereo decision and how it will slow down mainstream TV. Meanwhile Yahoo steals Community from NBC.


Opening Video

Primary Target

The US Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that Aereo is a public performance. The service which rented microantennas to users to watch over the air broadcasts on the Internet will have to wind up its operations in all regions. Justice Stephen Breyer wrote the opinion for the majority, arguing Aereo operated like a cable company and “Insofar as there are differences, those differences concern not the nature of the service that Aereo provides so much as the technological manner in which it provides the service.“ Justice Antonin Scalia wrote a dissent arguing that ignoring the technical aspect could hmean other services could suffer “guilt-by-resemblance.” Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia said the decision would cause a chilling effect but the company would continue to fight. However, part-owner Barry Diller told cnbc “it’s over now.” and a “a big loss for consumers.” Thanks to Hurmoth for submitting this on the subreddit.

Secondary Target

Fox vs. Dish in 9th circuit court of appeals (Pasadena) oral arguments July 7
Fox has submitted Aereo vs. ABC in support of their case.
Dish Anywhere service and Hopper DVR “sideloading” feature
Dish Anywhere is slingbox. Watch your Live or recorded TV on mobile devices, laptops, desktops.
Hopper’s “sideloading” lets you move recorded shows to an iPad
Aereo was deemed to be a ‘public performance’ equipment irrelevant.
Letter to court by lawyer Richard Stone: “Dish, which engages in virtually identical conduct when it streams Fox’s programming to Dish subscribers over the internet – albeit also in violation of an express contractual prohibition
Has repeatedly raised the same defenses as Aereo which have now been rejected by the supreme court.”
What’s at issue is not really whether the Supreme Court would have also found this illegal. It’s the break on innovation and the chilling effect this NOW HAS on innovation."

Signals Intelligence

Stevie - Video curation based on Facebook and Twitter (similar to Qplay)
Integrated now with Chromecast
Streams your social feed on screen while you watch.

Gear Up

Chromecast's ultrasonic device pairing is much simpler than it sounds
Android TV announced: a software system that will be embedded into the smart TVs and other devices from third-party OEMs.
Create apps using the same Android toolset that they use for mobile phones and tablets.
Chromecast support too.
TVs from Sony, Sharp and TPVision, and will soon run on other set-top boxes that will become available later in the year from the likes of Asus
Chromecast can now play ultrasonic signal through TV speakers to pair with devices not on same network
User has to enable setting to allow nearby devices

Under surveillance

Yahoo will release a 6th season of Community with 13 episodes
Dan Harmon: "I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a larger audience by moving it online."
Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Jim Rash will all return. (NO mention of Donald Glover)

Front Lines

He claims FilmON is a cable company and he is willing to pay fair royalties for rebroadcasting channels. It ALSO uses “teleporter” technology to watch TV through a mini-computer screen in New York, no matter where they are in the world.
LG has built their platform on WebOS which is open sourced and other TV manufacturers can use it. Will they? Do we even want that?
1.7 million concurrent viewers in the second half. There were some authentication issues in the first half too.
The series is based on Manga about genetically-altered mech pilots fighting shapeshifting aliens.
It originally aired in Japan earlier this year, but all 12 episodes of season one are set to hit Netflix everywhere.
This gives AppleTV two sources of live news content between SkyNews and ABCNews.

2014 Summer Movie Draft

  • http://draft.diamondclub.tv/
  • 1 TMS: $513,382,797
  • 2 DTNS: $480,640,796
  • 3 Amtrekker: $472,024,132
  • 4 GodsMoneybags: $292,534,313
  • 5 Night Attack: $276,017,928
  • 6 /Film: $200,185,511

On Screen

Dispatches From The Front

Hi Brian and Tom,
I just finished reading the Aereo Supreme Court decision and wanted to give an opinion from a lawyer's perspective.
I think Justice Scalia in his dissent correctly noted that we have some broad, unclear language in the Copyright Act. The majority bases it's opinion in large part on the legislative history of the act (which is a matter of debate among lawyers. Some like Scalia look only at the language of the statute while others look to the intent of the legislature to guide interpretation). At the end, Scalia argues that the majority is interpreting the Act to reach the "right" result. Scalia acknowledges that he doesn't think Aereo is necessarily above board, but essentially tips his hat to Aereo for coming up with a clever workaround. Scalia argues that the decision should have been based on the language of the statute, and if that result is unpopular the Congress should be the one to resolve it, not the Court.
I don't know if the decision will have broad consequences because the majority focused closely on the impacts regarding TV licensing, so the cloud may be safe. Things like Dish and Slingbox... Not so much. We'll have to wait and see, but this is definitely a step away from being able to watch what you want, where you want.
Love the show!
Geoff from Maryland

Hi Tom and Brian,
I was listening to episode 25 (it seems like such a low number for how long I've been listening to you guys) and your conversation about Netflix(?) picking up a Live-ish show, and the suggestion that they could recommend clips from a show based on what your tastes are.
What I got from that conversation was this crazy idea: What if Netflix is using their recommendation engine to figure out what original programming to produce. It would likely require some additional research, but I am suddenly in love with the idea of Netflix taking recommendations up a level by not only suggesting you should watch in their catalog, or what they should buy, but also generating original content based on what a size-able portion of their customers would be interested in watching.
For instance: "Hey, it looks like lots of people really like Sci-Fi horror, and that same segment ties into romantic comedy: We can make a romantic comedy sci-fi horror show!" (This is undoubtedly how Orphan Black was conceived - pun intended) So that's not a great example, but hopefully you'll get the idea. A large enough sample, with enough defining data could provide the keys to make a show for your audience, instead of hoping an audience will find your show.
Thanks for the great show!

As a cordkiller of the last year, thanks to you guys. I want to watch your shows (watch what I want) on my Roku3 (and any device I want). Any plans for a Diamondclub.TV app on the Roku? That might make me a patron supporter if you did.



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