Fancy In, Fancy Out

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Fancy In, Fancy Out
Number 297
Broadcast Date November 07, 2019
Episode Length 01:40:40
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Brian's found his nose. JuRY didn't realize his booking power levels. Plus, a new game "Nature or Not-sure?" and your emails to [email protected]


Nose Hair of the Dog

Brian is sporting a significant beard at this point. But the story that Brian wanted to related was getting his nose hairs waxed about six months ago. Turns out he really liked the result but doesn't want to go to "the kind of place" that does this kind of procedure. Actually Brian is just too embarrassed to ask for the nose wax. Bonnie assured Brian that all salons will do it.

Brian discovered and took joy in kids trying to claw imaginary insects off their face.

Book or No Book

Night Attack have done live shows and charged money and done okay doing that. They were going to have a show in LA but that fell through. Justin wanted to book a show in New York City at a sketch comedy theater that the improv group Justin was in - and got kicked out of, and figured it would be a good pick.

Billy Joel plays Madison Square Garden once a month, and Justin wanted to have the Night Attack show to co-incide with that so they could go. Justin emailed the venue and asked for times but never heard back. Months later, and just the day before this show Justin got an email saying that the venue had actually reserved the venue next weekend but had forgotten to confirm. This is really too short notice since Justin and Brian have to fly to NYC and arrange everything and so Justin had to say "no."

The happy ending part was that they did agree they'd get times in 2020, so watch for an NYC show.

They then considered an improbable future where they meet Billy Joel and he plays piano for them as they sing their pornographic versions of his songs.

Support the Show

You can support Night Attack on Patreon, You'll get the preshow and postshow in your podcast player. You might also get your name shouted out in the Name Chant Corner Hour like FANCY PEE.

You can support Night Attack on Twitch, Get your name shouted out in the sub n' bitz minute.

This episodes the THE BIT BOSS was KELLY138.


Australian fan Mad Scientist Kell sent in this game about weird species names. Simple concept: they just have to determine if the beast is real or not.

If you have a game, send it to mail at night attack dot tv.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

In the lead, it's Tom Merritt. See it all at


Are our bodies reall just a Gundam for bacteria, and we're the bacteria AI? (What if your toaster became self aware? Poop transplants and young people's blood.) If you could sum up the decade in a meme what would it be (Dubstep, the bubble with the three dogs for messages being typed, spongebob hunched over with the alternating capital letters, the guy looking back at the girl ). Send your mail to mail at night attack dot tv.

Fun Facts

  • During the mailbag segment Brian had the first official spill of his drink in the new studio


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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