Flaming Shot Game

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The Flaming Shot Game is a game played in the Night Attack preshow and aftershow. The object of the game is to call the failure mode of a person taking a flaming shot -- alcohol lit on fire and meant to be consumed, generally served in a shot glass.

The segment is introduced with the theme to the TV show Knight Rider.

The failure modes include:

  • Blue Beard - mouth/facial hair/face catches on fire
  • Dhalsim (Yoga Fire) - drink is spat out, and has caught on fire
  • Firecrotch - groin/pants catch on fire
  • Firestarter - room catches on fire
  • Forest Fire - chest hair catches on fire
  • Ghostrider - hair on head catches on fire
  • Hadouken - drink is thrown or poured out of the drinking vessel, and has caught on fire
  • Johnny Storm - body catches on fire
  • Knight Rider - person catches on fire, walks into a car and drives away
  • Note 7 - cell phone catches on fire (Bonnie)
  • Power Pad/DDR - person with the flaming shot stomps on the floor, presumably to put out a fire
  • Prodigy/Carry - another object catches on fire
  • Success - ...

Somebody else can add links to when the game is played.