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Highly Competitive Misanthropes
Number 206
Broadcast Date February 5, 2018
Episode Length 1:02:42
Hosts Bryce Castillo, Tom Merritt
Guests Jacqueline Coley

Netflix drops a Very Big Bowl-sized surprise--is it a touchdown? Plus, tons of new trailers and YouTubeTV buys some soccer balls. With special guest Jacqueline Coley.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Early on during the Super Bowl a trailer for Cloverfield Paradox was shown with the surprise that it was now being distributed on Netflix.
Even more of a surprise was that Netflix made it available immediately after the game.
This is the movie previously referred to as The God Particle. It seems to tie the two movies together.
Directed by Julius Onah
Stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and David Oyelowo

How to Watch

YouTube TV announced its app is now available for Apple TV with subscriptions available as an in-app purchase. YouTube TV arrived for Roku Thursday morning. The service includes live broadcasts, a cloud DVR, program guide, and more. YouTube TV costs $35/month and is now available on Android TV, Xbox One and other platforms.
YouTube TV, YouTube's cable replacement service, has the exclusive rights to telecasts of the Los Angeles FC MLS games starting in March. 18 games will be available on an LA FC YouTube TV channel, geofenced to LA subscribers. YouTube won't charge subscribers an additional fee.

What to Watch

HBO has acquired JJ Abrams Demimonde scifi series. The series will tell the story of a daughter of a scientist who is in a coma. While looking through her mother's notes she ends up being transported to another world where a dark force threatens to consume everything. Her father follows her.
Netflix and Univision who teamed up on El Chapo will partner on at least five more shows. The first show out of the gate will be Tijuana, a Spanish-language show about a "web of corruption" that unfolds when reporters investigate the assassination of a presidential candidate.
Variety says Netflix is in talks with Luc Besson for a multi-picture deal at $30 million budgeted per picture. Netflix might also purchase rights to the EuropaCorp film library (Taken, Taxi, Transporter) or even buy a stake in the company.

What We're Watching

Front Lines

Hulu Live caused errors for some viewers during the last few minutes of the Super Bowl which were dramatic. Hulu posted on Twitter that a technical error caused the problems and restarting the app should restore the feed, but by that time the dram was over. Some PSVue fans also experienced an interruption in the early part of the game and NBC's broadcast also cut out.
TiVo flipped around it's commercial skip DVR function for the Super Bowl. Usually after a show is recorded pressing the green button will skip through the commercials. For the Super Bowl pressing the green button skipped through the game to the commercials.
ATT CEO Randall Stephenson confirmed the next update to DirecTV Now will launch this spring. The cloud-based DVR and interface upgrades will come to everyone, not just beta testers.
DreamWorksTV from Comcast's Awesomeness launched its age 6-12 programming an Amazon Channels for $5 a month. DreamworksTV launched some content on YouTube in 2014

Dispatches From The Front

Tom, Brian, Bryce, and Guest(?),

I appreciate the services roundup last week in Episode 205, but it did leave once question unanswered. What is the best/cheapest service to gain access to the Olympics. I have an OTA antenna going into a Hauppauge card with my Plex server as my DVR for OTA NBC coverage, but that is only usable for the small portion of coverage. What would be the cheapest service to get all the streams? Are there any Olympics buffet apps, where you pay a one time fee and get access to everything?

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Your Boss,

- Rob

Dear Cord Killers,

Great episode!!! Very much enjoyed the quick recap of the options for Live Streaming providers...

You could have included Fubo.TV or Philo but I can see why those haven’t yet made it to the next level.

Also, in addition to the Recode link to compare the various services, I’d again support a mention to Suppose.TV which has been discussed previously on your show. That might have been the site Brian was searching for when he posed the question.

Again guys, great work. Definitely will be supporting your efforts and I look forward to more of the same over the next 4 to 5 years.

Warm Regards,
- Armando

Hi Tom, Brian and Guest,

Just finished ep 205, and one thing that I haven't heard mentioned on the show about DirectTV Now is that if you have and unlimited plan with AT&T, DirectTV Now is only $10 per month. This is what finally pushed me over the cord cutting cliff. I went from spending $200 for cable, phone and internet to only having Charter internet, $65, and DirectTV Now for $10. That being said I have noticed that DTV Now buffers a lot. And can be a bit frustrating to watch at peak times, but since cutting the cord I have noticed how little I miss cable. DTV Now is mostly used for Nick Jr, Disney Jr, and Authentication for other services including HBO Go. The real test will be once baseball is back and I no longer can watch Cardinals Baseball on my DVR after the kids go to bed. MLB TV here I come.

Love the show. Faithful listener since before Cordkillers.

Have a Great Day,

- Jason



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