Insanely Easy Card Trick...The Cards Do ALL the Work!

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Insanely Easy Card Trick...The Cards Do ALL the Work!
Number 256
Broadcast Date February 6, 2012
Episode Length 13:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood


You drink free beer as this super easy card trick fools everyone, even yourself. Brian shows you a way to stack a deck that magicians have used for hundreds of years!

Only The Deck Knows

Collin is back from episode #54, and we have chatrealm regulars Roberto and Chris. Brian uses them to demonstrate a self-fulfilling card trick!


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The Breakdown

Brian reveals that there's a little bit of preparation for this trick, but once you have the routine down it works itself out.

The Test

The three gentlemen, by their powers combined, perform the trick on Brian.

Scam Stuff

Don't forget Scam Packs are still available over at!

Scam School is about what you do at the bar, Scam Stuff is about what you bring to the bar.

Next Week

And make sure to join us next week, because we're going to have a cybernetic implant expert who's going to explain how with three monopoly cards and an old led light, you can become a terminator. That's a real th- I didn't make that up, that's for reals.

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Insanely Easy Card Trick...The Cards Do ALL the Work!
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