John Teasdale

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John Teasdale
John Teasdale.jpg
John's Go Game headshot
Born Who knows, man?
Known For Go Game producer, maker of games, Attack Knight

John Teasdale is a member of The Go Game, along with Justin Robert Young and Brett Rounsaville. He is friends with Attack Knight.


Motherfucker loves games. He works at The Go Game as a game producer. Additionally, he runs Saturday Night Action Club which is basically The Go Game, but more challenging, more daring and with more drinking.

On top of all this, he creates non-scavenger hunt games. One of these games, Who Does Nobody Like, was created along with Justin Robert Young and is intended to start arguments and could potentially ruin your friendships. In 2013, he and Albert Kong created a game meant to be played with strangers called Stranger Danger, which was successfully Kickstarted.

In 2015, John and Justin created The Contender, a card game of political debate. The game launched during the first day of Nerdtacular 2015 and was fully backed by that night's live recording of Night Attack.


Night Attack