Modern Rogue Injuries

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This is a listing of all notable injuries during the filming of Modern Rogue episodes.
(The counter tracks time between published date of episode, not when the actual injury occurred.)

Making PVC Blowguns

Episode 96, 2017-12-15
Days since previous injury: 25

Timecode - 14:53
Jason attacks with first ward, and Brian's defense had enough give that Jason's sword hit Brian's eye.

Making PVC Blowguns

Episode 92, 2017-11-20
Days since previous injury: 80

Timecode - 5:18
Brian stabs his finger with a sharpened nail as he tries to push it through a paper cone.

Crafting Camouflaged Dead Drops

Episode 81, 2017-09-01
Days since previous injury: 35

Timecode - 8:44
Brian cuts his finger with a razor blade while trying to shape foam.

12-Year-Old Stunt Driver Teaches Drifting

Episode 76, 2017-07-28
Days since previous injury: 28

Timecode - 12:08 and shown again with the counter at 14:01
Jason punches a barrel from the passenger seat of a car that Brian is actively drifting in donuts.

How to Fight with a Longsword

Episode 72, 2017-06-30
Days since previous injury: 83

Timecode - 28:14
While in a sword bind, Jason feigns kneeing Brian in the stomach but inadvertently hits him in the groin.

Shattering Frozen Locks

Episode 60, 2017-04-07
Days since previous injury: 377

Timecode - 10:50
Brian hits a frozen lock with a mallet, sending icey shrapnel which burned through Jason's shirt and cut up Brian's hand bad enough to end the episode there. The next day he went to the ER, where they informed him that he waited too long to come in for them to do much.

Crack a Bullwhip and Do Tricks Like a BOSS

Episode 6, 2016-03-25
Days since previous injury: N/A

Timecode - 6:34
Jason tries to do an overhead whip crack and manages to hit himself in the head.