New Cheap Surface Tablet

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New Cheap Surface Tablet
Number 542
Broadcast Date JULY 10, 2018
Episode Length 4:08
Hosts Tom Merritt

Microsoft’s $399 Surface, Snapchat may do visual search and Apple’s USB Restricted mode bypassed.


Microsoft introduced the Surface Go with a 10-inch 1800x1200 screen a two-core Intel Kaby Lake chip, 64 GB of storage and 9-hour battery life. Like all Surface tablets it has a kickstand, supports Surface Pen and has a microSDXC card reader and headphone jack as well as one USB-C port. You can also buy a smaller TypeCover for $99-$129 and a smaller Surface Mouse for $35. Preorders begin today starting at $399 with Windows 10S, $449 for Windows 10 Pro and $549 with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. The new Surface Go and the accessories begin shipping August 2. Models with integrated LTE and 256GB drives will be introduced at a later date.
In the latest update to iOS, Apple added USB Restricted mode which disables USB access if the phone has been locked fro an hour. This prevents some methods used to crack into locked iPhones. However ElcomSoft has found that the one hour counter resets if any USB devices is plugged into the phone before the hour is up.
YouTube will begin adding cards to conspiracy-related pages with text from trusted sources like Encyclopedia Britannica or Wikipedia. YouTube will also supplement news search results with links to news articles in the wake of what it determines are major news events. YouTube also will spend $25 million on partnerships for sustainable video news operations in 20 markets.
Ride-hailing business Grab introduced GrabPlatform which will let developers integrate their offerings with the Grab app, taking advantage of Grab's logistics and payment functions. A first partner is Indonesia's grocery delivery startup HappyFresh to form GrabFresh within the main Grab app. The Grab app also is adding one-touch access to GrabPay, a news feed with recommendations for location-specific things like restaurants and shops.
Members of the US House Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters to Apple and Alphabet asking questions related to privacy issues. Some of the questions to Alphabet related to how it presented user ability to grant third-party apps access to Gmail. Questions to Apple asked how allowing Facebook and Google to put apps in the app store could be allowed when those companies seem “contradictory to Apple’s values,” regarding privacy. There were also questions about local data storage, location info and audio recording. Answers are to be delivered to Congress by July 23.
Snapchat debuted Lens Explorer which lets users look at lens filters not listed in the regularly refreshed Lens Carousel. Lens Explorer is rolling out slowly to iOS users.
TechCrunch reports a feature in Snapchat for Android's code contains reference to Project Eagle which seems to be "Visual Search." The feature would have a user press and hold to identify an object, song, or barcode, then use third parties like Shazam or Amazon to identify it. Shazam's song-identification was integrated into Snapchat in 2016. App researcher Ishan Agarwal tipped off TechCrunch to the code.
Netflix has launched Smart downloads for its Android app. The feature automatically deletes downloads you've finished watching and replaces it with the next episode in case you forget before you move away from your internet connection. Users can turn off Smart Downloads in settings if they want.
iAfrikan reports A 24-year-old Ugandan software engineer won the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation for Matibabu, a low-cost, reusable device that clips onto a patient’s finger, to test for Malaria in less than a minute. No blood needed. Brian Gitta and his colleagues received the £25,000 first prize and have signed an agreement with the Uganadan government for clinical trials.


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