Night Attack

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"Night Attack" may also refer to the Night Attack album, Night Attack guild in World of Warcraft, or the proposed name for NSFW.
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Night Attack
A podcast where a couple of fuckwits fuck each other in the wits.
Hosted by Brian Brushwood & Justin Robert Young
Opening theme "Vicario" by Kissinger
No. of episodes 200+
Runtime 90-120 minutes
Producer(s) Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Bryce Castillo
Camera Switcher(s) Brian Brushwood, Brandt Hughes, Bryce Castillo
Editor(s) Cheeto or t2t2 (show), Leon (preshow/aftershow)
Distributor Diamond
Original Run March 4, 2014 - present

Night Attack is a comedy podcast hosted by Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young, and is the successor to NSFW and BBLiveShow. Like its predecessor, episodes are typically recorded at 9PM U.S. Central Time (GMT -6/-5) on Tuesday nights. The first episode was recorded on March 4, 2014 and was called Surprise‎.

The name of the show comes from both an earlier attempt at renaming its predecessor, NSFW, as well as the title of Brian and Justin's comedy album series.

Rough Show Format