Photoshop Coming to iPad

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Photoshop Coming to iPad
Number 545
Broadcast Date JULY 13, 2018
Episode Length 4:20
Hosts Tom Merritt

Adobe bringing Photoshop to the iPad, Blue Origin space flights to cost at least $200,000 and PC shipments rise.


Sources tell Bloomberg that Adobe plans to announce a full version of Photoshop for the iPad at the Adobe MAX creative conference in October. The app would supposedly be released next year. Adobe’s chief product officer of Creative Cloud Scott Belsky confirmed that the company is working on a cross-platform iteration of Photoshop and other applications, but did not confirm timing or announcements.
A judge ruled against blocking the AT&T Time Warner merger on June 12. The US Department of Justice said it would not seek an injunction to stop the merger. The deal closed and the companies merged on June 14. However the DoJ said at the time it was still considering whether or not to appeal. Thursday it came out that the DoJ has filed an appeal of the decision in the U.S. District Court in Washington . If it prevails in court the merger that is a month old would have to be undone.
Microsoft is launching a free version of its Slack Competitor, Microsoft Teams. The free version includes support for up to 300 people, including guest accounts, with unlimited app integrations, messages and search. The free version limits file storage to 10 GB, and 2GB per member.
Epic Games announced that due to the success of Fortnite, it will raise the percentage of money developers keep from its Unreal Engine Marketplace to 88%, up from 70%. The new rate will be applied retoactively to all products going back to the 2014 launch.
George Hotz has been giving reporters demos of his Level 2 autonomous car aftermarket system, Openpilot, from his company Openpilot 0.5 adds facial-tracking to make sure a driver's eyes are on the road and Explorer that lets users upload telemetry data and note disengagements to help improve the system for everyone. The latest version did remove Waze and Spotify to free up resources. Openpilot is compatible with all Toyota and Honda models as well as some GM cars. Hardware can be purchased anywhere and the software is free from Github.
Google has enabled a feature for 99% of desktop users of Chrome 67 called Site Isolation, which runs a different browser process for each domain, not just each tab. Google prioritized development of the function after the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities were made public in January. Google says the feature increases memory overhead 10-13% but the company can now rollback other mitigation efforts which impacted performance.
YouTube TV service had an outage in the middle of the World Cup semifinal between Croatia and England Wednesday. YouTube has apologized fro the outage and is giving customers a free week of service, about $10 off its standard plan.
Gartner and IDC both estimate PC shipments grew in Q2 2018. IDC estimates 2.7% and Gartner 1.4 %. IDC does not count Windows tablets including the Surface Pro in its numbers. Gartner does not count Chromebooks or non-Windows tablets. Demand appears to be driven by the business and gaming markets. HP, Lenovo, Dell, Apple, and Acer all grew their PC businesses in Q2.
Sources tell Reuters that Blue Origin plans to charge people $200,000 to $300,000 for trips into space starting next year. Blue Origin's New Shepard space vehicle autonomously carries six passengers into suborbital space. It has completed 8 unoccupied test flights and plans a test with people onboard within weeks.
The game Roblox is on pace to pay out $70 million to people who build games on its platform. 4 million developers have developed 400 million free to play games using Roblox, which uses in-game currency to monetize. Its top developer made $3 million in 2017 while two others made $2 million. Roblox has hired on former Activision exec Enrico D'Angelo as vice president of product for the developer platform. Roblox has 64 million players, most younger than 18.


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