Pr0blem Zolved!

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Pr0blem Zolved!
Number 36
Broadcast Date August 10, 2010
Episode Length 1:03:09
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane joins the show and they solve the problems of the audience and they play a little but Cuba.


While setting up, Brian chatted with DJ Z and messed with his video controls before his daughters busted into the room and Penny re-enacted the famous GTFO message.


The show began with Brian playing the trailer to a Lando Calrissian themed blacksploitation movie called “Blackstar Warrior”.

But Cuba

After introducing their guest, Sarah Lane, Brian and Justin introduced their first segment: But Cuba! This is the exact same game as the one played in NSFW 23 “But Cuba

  • The first video was Sarah Silverman’s “I’m Fucking Matt Damon”. Neither Sarah nor the chat room could decipher the google translation.
  • The second video was the “Old Spice” guy, and EVERYONE got it instatly, because Brian read the transcription exactly like the “Old Spice” Guy.

Five Guys Humping an Ottoman

In the next game, Brian would play a YouTube video, and Sarah would have to explain to the blindies what was going on in the video every time that Brian pauses the video.

  • FIRST PAUSE- Guy in shadows, Mumbling unintelligible nonsense, red tank top, probably grandma’s bed, turns around and might take off his pants.
  • SECOND PAUSE- same guy turns around and humps grandma’s bed
  • THIRD PAUSE- humping continues, however it seems that he has thrown out his back
  • FOURTH PAUSE- Cousin X shows up, and not to be outdone, humps the bed as well. The first cousin is now vertically thrusting against some invisible wall.
  • FIFTH PAUSE- Uncle Ron enters to show what he’s got and the first cousin is outdone and leaves. The second cousin (Cousin X) goes to sit in the corner
  • SIXTH PAUSE- Pressure is just kinda hangin’
  • SEVENTH PAUSE- Two younger cousins that nobody likes, want to show that they have moves, Ron and the other cousins leave
  • EIGHTH PAUSE- I don’t know who’s who anymore, but it seems like the clown car is now in a circle, there are not too many people at once, they want their space
  • NINTH PAUSE- There is a mirror and the whole thing is very coreographed

Pr0blem Solverz

After a VERY successful segment, Brian and Justin transitioned into the main event: Pr0blem Solverz. Viewers sent in their problems and phone numbers to [email protected] and the hosts will call them up and solve their problems live on the air. Each of the three hosts would have a different roll for each call: restate the problem, fix the problem and a clever wrap-up.

1. Michelle- has’t had a date since her Senior year in High School five years ago

  • Sarah- recap
  • Brian- Guys are nerds and dorks who just want a warm body to love them
  • Justin- Keep hittin it

2. John- A guy invited himself on a summer trip with John and his friends, how could you politely get him to not go.

  • Justin- recap
  • Sarah- Hang out with him a lot whit peeing and crapping your pants, in order to make him not want to hang out with you
  • Brian- If number two you go, he will GTFO

3. Robert- It is too hot in Tennessee and the AC is broken in his house with two roomates, a guy and a girl.

  • Justin- recap
  • Brian- get even hotter, get in the hot tub so it’ll get so hot that it feels cold
  • Sarah- Wear a Jimmy hat

4. Rachel- Her cat bites the shit out of her, and jumps on her face while she is sleeping

  • Sarah- recap
  • Justin- Its not gonna happen, leave it outside like Dino in the Flintstones
  • Brian- Can’t force love, it comes from above

5. Jurrell- 15 year old boy needs a date, what kinds of talents should he have to get a girl?

  • Brian- recap
  • Sarah- Jenga is a good idea, Twister is the best idea
  • Justin- Stop playing games or you will be in a Chinese finger trap before you know it

6. Kate- Has a terrible bitch co-worker, but how can she learn to live with her?

  • Justin- recap
  • Brian- If you gotta scratch that itch, slap that bitch
  • Sarah- When in doubt, grab a white board and write it out

7. Babs- What to do with a boss that is a douchebag

  • Brian- recap
  • Sarah- Throw a company party, give him a pot brownie
  • Justin- Kill his dog

8. Roberto- He wants to get freaky with his prude girlfriend, how can he get some action?

  • Sarah- recap
  • Justin- Keep on trucking
  • Brian- keep on truckin’ and you will end up..... *BLANK SCREEN*

9. Colin- He’s got people climbin’ in his windows and snatchin’ his people up

  • Sarah- recap
  • Justin- Hide your wife, hide your kids and hide your husband, cuz they rapin’ everybody out here
  • Brian- Run and tell that, run and tell that, homeboy.... homeboy


SquareSpace tweeted about the NSFWshow after a large response from the chat room on Twitter.

New Champion! Woo!

  • Everyone who had their... "PR0BLEM ZOLVED!"

Great Quotes

Fun Facts

  • DJ Z (Zak Holder) was sitting in the room with Brian during the entirety of the show, and can be seen in the background.


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