Rejected Vagina Monologues

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Rejected Vagina Monologues
Number 193
Broadcast Date August 26, 2013
Episode Length TBD
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, OMG Chad, Patrick Delahanty

Dragon Con is less than one week away, so Dragon Con attendees OMG Chad and Patrick Delahanty are here. Then Brian and Justin have not one, but TWO big announcements about the next two weeks of NSFW shows.


Opening Video

News Reporter Falls Asleep on Air

Genuine Fan Mail

Brian and Justin received an actual physical piece of fan mail from the boy scouts over at Camp Whitsett.

Well, The Guys Finally Got Fired


Turquoise Jeep Special! … In Two Weeks

The next episode will be live from Dragon Con, the following Tuesday will be nothing. That's because on Friday they will be recording a full one hour Turquoise Jeep NSFW Special when The Jeep rolls back into the TWiT Brickhouse.

Wolverine Hitler

If you're one of the Blindies/Tongueless-Triathletes you may not have noticed that Justin has grown quite the beard. As of the recording of this episode, the plan at the Night Attack recording at Dragon Con 2013 is to have Justin shave a part of his beard off at the end of each "track". Brian and Justin asked the Chatrealm for suggestions for which characters/beards should be featured on the album (Hitler and Hitler-variations are obviously a given). View and edit the list here.

John Waters mustache vs. Hitler mustache vote


Go to and use the code "NSFW" to get 20% off the lifetime of your account. That's less than $5 per month!


Go to for a 14-day free trial and use the offer code "NSFW6" to get 10% off your first order.

Future Night Attack Stories

Brian suggested that he and Justin talk about some times when they broke the law. Brian has a few entertaining stories of illegal activities, but most of Justin's illegal stories are just depressing and/or unfunny.

This led to Brian, Justin, Patrick and Chad telling stories about some of the illegal hijinx they have gotten into in their lives. Topics included TPing houses, stealing things, underage drinking and doing drugs.


Head over to and you can get $25 your first phone purchase.

Dragon Con Guest List

Participants at 2013's NSFW Live at Dragon Con are: Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont and Michael Rooker!.

Also, Ali Spagnola will be performing at Dragon Con… somewhere.

Winter Movie Draft Planning

Justin and Brian discuss some changes to the rules for the 2013 Winter Movie Draft. There were a lot of complicated rules being tossed around. CrashKinkaide in the Chatrealm said it best: "I understood PRIMER better than I understand this."

Summer Music Series

Nobody, but Turquoise Jeep will be here in two weeks.

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "You're a DICK, Brian." - Chad
  • "Double wink." - Chad
  • "We shoulda spent the whole episode talking about the pedophile." - Brian in the aftershow

Fun Facts

  • This was Patrick Delahanty's first official guest appearance on NSFW. He hadn't made a legit guest appearance on any of Brian's shows since The Lost Episode. If BBLiveShow and NSFW are considered one show, that's a difference of 215 episodes.
  • Sebgonz showed off a NSFW t-shirt he designed and put it up on TeeSpring.


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