Safe-Cracking with Magnets and Thermite

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Safe-Cracking with Magnets and Thermite
Number 171
Broadcast Date March 1, 2019
Episode Length 22:00
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


A final farewell to the warehouse... and the cursed safe that we've kept locked away deep within it.


Don't try this on your own, obviously. Fumes are bad, particles are bad, magnets are bad.

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Fun Facts

  • This episode features the largest gap in footage from a published episode of Modern Rogue with 530 days bridging the earliest footage (the magnet segment) to the latest footage (electromagnet explanation) shot specifically for the video.
  • Due to such a large span of time passing after the first half of the episode was recorded, this video was written off as a "lost" episode for a long period of time.
  • This episode features Brandt's research notes on: the use of electromagnets.



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Safe-Cracking with Magnets and Thermite
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