Scam School

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Scam School
The iconic Scam School notebook.
Created by Brian Brushwood
Hosted by Brian Brushwood
Opening theme Lawrence Scaduto
No. of episodes 570+
total count includes remix
Runtime 8-12 minutes
Consultant(s) Jon Tilton
Audio Engineer(s) Roberto Villegas
Camera Operator(s) Brandt Hughes,
Bryce Castillo
Editor(s) Brandt Hughes,
Bryce Castillo
Distributor TestTube
Original Run April 10, 2008 - Present

Scam School is "the only show dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street." Hosted by Brian Brushwood, Scam School is a podcast which demonstrates entertaining tricks to its viewers, often for the purpose of scamming a free drink off of friends.

It has become one of the definitive sources for young magicians to learn and develop their craft. Scam School is the longest running of Revision3's original slate of podcasts.


The podcast premiered on Revision3 on April 6, 2008 with The Human Chimney. Two more episodes followed on the following two days with weekly episodes beginning on Thursday, April 10, 2008. Towards the end of 2012, Revision3 was bought by Discovery which brought Scam School under the blanket of Discovery Digital Networks distribution channel Testtube. During this shift production moved from San Fransisco, at the Rev3 offices, to Austin so that Brian could shoot locally. One year later production moved entirely in-house; every episode since 302 have been a Bizarre Magic, Inc. production.


Host: Brian Brushwood
Consulting: Jon Tilton
Location Scouting: Bryce Castillo
Audio Engineer: Roberto Villegas
Camera Operators: Brandt Hughes, Bryce Castillo
Zak Holder (formerly)
Glidecam Operator: Brandt Hughes
Editors: Brandt Hughes, Bryce Castillo


Main article: List of Scam School Episodes

Brian, or a magician guest, establishes and demonstrates a magic effect to participants in a bar, then after a sponsor break the participants are taught how the effect was achieved. Each episode is approximately 10 minutes in duration; new episodes publish every Wednesday.

Scam School Series Overview
Distributor Years No. of
Original air date
Premiere date Premiere title Finale date Finale title
TestTube 2013 - Present 300+ May 29, 2013 Hard vs. Impossible: Matchbox Edition N/A N/A
Revision3 2008 - 2013 271 April 6, 2008 The Human Chimney May 22, 2013 The HARDEST Puzzle Yet!


  • "Best Video" in the "Magic" category - 2008 WonderHowTo Video Award
  • "Best of iTunes 2008" - Apple iTunes
  • "Best Video Podcast" (nominated) - 2009 Podcast Awards
  • "Best of iTunes 2009" - Apple iTunes

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