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Screenwriter Apologizes for Cats 2 and Scooter Pic
Number 311
Broadcast Date February 13, 2020
Episode Length 01:26:08
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests C. Robert Cargill

Justin's back from the NH primary and dog-face factory. Plus, C. Robert Cargill joins us to talk about him doing Cats 2: The Furrening and play a new round of "Apologizes For..." The rule of thumb!

Check out the new Hulu film Cargill produced, "Into The Dark: My Valentine": https://www.hulu.com/movie/my-valentine-5790001d-b1a6-4ad5-beb7-47706129d277

Listen to Justin's primary coverage on the Politics! Politics! Politics! podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/politics-politics-politics/id1051566354

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Justin is Back

Justin has returned from his whirlwind tour of Primaries and Rallies. He went to a Joe Biden rally. Biden talked for thirty minutes about women being beaten. In the preshow they had been feeding song lyrics and Edgar Allen Poe poems into "Talk to Transformer" and then had it mimic Joe Biden's "Have you ever heard the phrase 'Rule of Thumb'"" which Biden used in his rambling speech and Justin did a dramatic reading. They watched a video where Biden said to someone in the audience You're a lying dog-faced pony soldier

Justin also met "Vermin Supreme" also known as "that guy with a boot on his head"

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Austin Night Attack Live

Night Attack used to do a live show during SXSW but it makes it hard for them and for fans because having it during SXSW makes it difficult and expensive. This time they will probably have a show after SXSW is over April 4-5th 2020. If you're interested send a message to mail at night attack dot tv.

See Robert Cargill

Long time friend of the show C. Robert Cargill is on the show. He's working on lots of stuff. Look for his podcast Junk Food Cinema. Watch his new Hulu movie "My Valentine".

"Apologizes For" Game

It's the return of a classic Night Attack favorite. Given a headline with blanks where someone is apologizing for something, and they have to guess what it is.


This last question is for four points!

Justin wins! If you have a game send it to mail at night attack dot tv.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Thank goodness the draft ends in two days, Tom Merritt won. http://draft.diamondclub.tv.


A listener asks if a patty melt is a grilled onion burger. (Brian doesn't know what a patty melt is. Cargill says it's a burger. Justin says it's a Cuban sandwich for white people.) Another listener asks what everyone's favorite color is. (Brian: green or a dark sky blue, Justin: black, Bryce: gray, Cargill: cerulean which is what dark sky blue is). Send your mail to mail at night attack dot tv.


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Screenwriter Apologizes for Cats 2 and Scooter Pic
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