Set Fire To The Industry

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Set Fire To The Industry
Number 60
Broadcast Date January 24, 2012
Episode Length 1:16:13
Hosts Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

YouTube's new entertainment channels, Hulu's Battleground debut, Sling on a chip, and more.


Opening Video

20th Century Fox Flute Edition

The Big Story

'Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut' crowdsourced 15 second increments Episode IV finally released. [1] [2]

Another Big Story

“Beloved, not Beliked’: Why TV’s live and streaming audiences are diverging. [3]


Go to for your free 30 day trial.


  • Vimeo redesigns their website. [4]
  • YouTube now serves more than 4 billion daily video views. [5]
  • Facebook in talks to replace YouTube as Vevo's host. [6]
  • Paramount begins selling UltraViolet movies directly. [7]
  • Hack breaks Hulu Plus free from supported device chains, embraces Androids of every shape and color. [8]

Tube Tops

  • Does it make sense for the Apple TV to become a DVR too? [9]
  • Full Circle: Boxee brings OTA HDTV and basic cable to the Boxee Box. [10]

Film Falm

  • Transforming Macworld into Beckinfield. [11]
  • NASA close to approving first sci-fi flick shot in space. [12]
  • Robot and Frank is the next great science fiction indie. [13]
  • Game of Thrones Season 2 UK air date. [14]
  • James Cameron wants to blow your mind with 60 frames per second. [15]
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail comes to Blu-ray March 6th, brings an iPad app. [16]

What We're Watching


  • Sherlock (season 2)
  • Avatar
  • Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret


  • Star Trek
  • Fringe
  • Friday Night Lights


  • Downton Abbey


  • A viewer gives a solution for the Sherlock problem.
  • A viewer gives a series of legal / ethical questions.

Great Quotes

Fun Facts



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