Testing Skewer Slingshots

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Testing Skewer Slingshots
Number 174
Broadcast Date March 22, 2019
Episode Length 12:22
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


[extremely Don LaFontaine voice] The doctor is in! Dr. Skewer is a projectile acupuncture specialist... and also just happens to be a mole. Coming this fall, things are going to get hairy.


  • Brian meant Norwegian when he was talking about "fart" meaning "speed."

Additional Information

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First Pass Edit

$5+ patrons

A 51 minute multi-cam view of the unedited footage for this video.

Fun Facts

  • Brian is wearing a patron exclusive Modern Rogue shirt during this video.
  • For the duration of this video, Bryce was positioned behind the wide camera aiming a reflector to bounce light onto Brian and Jason.



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Testing Skewer Slingshots
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