That's A Driving Glove, Alright

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That's A Driving Glove, Alright
Number 295
Broadcast Date October 24, 2019
Episode Length 01:41:46
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Bill Conway, Matt Saincome

Halloween is coming up and a quiet Virginia town is taking drastic action. It's #AintNoLaws week! Plus, The Hard Times's Bill and Matt join us to talk about their new book, "The Hard Times: The First 40 Years," and we look at more crazy AliExpress items! Go back to Virginia, Bryce's dad!

Pre-order "The Hard Times: The First 40 Years" at


Spoopy Season

Brian "walked in on a ghost orgy" (Bonnie had put some halloween decorations on the bed). He texted that to Bonnie, who then said their daughter sees his texts, so now she needs her own phone.

Justin brought up a story about trick or treating in Chesapeake Virginia, where if you were too old trick or treating you'd get a fine and go to jail. Purely coincidental it was discovered that Bryce is from Chesapeake Virginia. Brian said to just give the older kids black licorice.

Bonnie once saw people throwing waffles out of a vehicle on Halloween.

No Laws

During this show they were drinking "White Claw."

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This episodes the THE BIT BOSS was furry_viking_kalamazoo.

Hard Times

Bill Conway and Matt Saincome from are here. They have a book out.

AliExpress Spoopy Game

It's a game! Bryce with the help of chatrealm has found some spoopy Ali Express products. The guys get to see it, and have to guess the price. Simple? Simple!

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Tom Merritt is in the lead,


Is this show haunted? (yes). Would you rather send a dick pic to the wrong person or be the wrong person to get a dick pic? (get not send). Status of the Snoritorium (lots of flip flops).


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