The All-Setup Bard

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The All-Setup Bard
Number 301
Broadcast Date December 04, 2019
Episode Length 01:48:41
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Lobro

Brian's very proud of stealing Justin's words. Bonnie hates babies (of the Muppet variety). Plus, we're joined by positivity streamer Lobro to take a crack at a new round of News6: The News...That Six. And of course your emails to [email protected] I might've sharted a diamond!

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Raise the Dead

Raise the Dead is out,

Dungeons and Dragons

Brian's eldest daughter put together a xmas themed dungeons and dragons campaign for the family. Bonnie played a rogue, Brian was a Bard, and the final antagonist was a giant goose after "Untitled Goose Game" that stole all the xmas presents. Brian got to role-play as Justin's character "The All Setup Magician", or Bard in this case.

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This episodes the THE BIT BOSS was BIGJIM5.


Returning guest, positivity streamer Lobro is back with a xmas themed set. They talked about "The Mandalorian" tv show for a bit. Bonnie related her dislike of Muppet Babies.

News 6 Game

It's a returning game. Bryce has a convoluted story that eventually leads to a tangentially related trivia question.

The questions are really convoluted and so not transcribed here, watch the episode it's good.

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Tom Merritt still in the lead. See it all at


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