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This title is temporary, until the real title is released.
Happy Wife, Happy Life
Number 2
Broadcast Date November 17, 2014
Episode Length ~50 minutes
Hosts Ashley Paramore, Justin Robert Young

Ashley and Justin outline how the wedding weekend will be structured, and try to avoid fighting about the guest list. Also, choosing a last name, and moving across country!

A Three-Part Wedding

Ashley had been doing some planning in the months before JuRY actually proposed.

The wedding is apparently happening in three parts, but first JuRY had to go off and talk about Star Wars episodes: Apparently, the Empire Strikes Back part of the wedding is going to be the best.

The first part is a "royal wedding ceremony" that is taking place at Dragon Con.

The second part is not a traditional reception, but it will be a party in a suite with close friends and family, just rocking out and having fun. Fun Fact: Since hotel rooms & suites fill up so quickly, Ashley had to reserve the suite well before she was actually engaged.

The third part is going to be a breakfast thing the day after the wedding ceremony. In order to properly plan the breakfast, Ashley needs to know who should be on the guest list. This part is where things get complicated…

The List

Fun Fact: Ashley has no problem eating Sauerkraut live on the stream while JuRY is talking.

JuRY does not think that it is necessary to make a guest list, and that it's OK to just reserve space at a restaurant for "40 people…maybe 35…maybe 50". Ashley wants to know, at least, what groups of people should be invited, because that group is probably going to be larger than expected, and they'll need to pare that list down.

Also is the issue of hotels. Dragon Con hotels fill up quickly, and hotels in downtown are likely to be full by the end of 2014. With a list, Ashley will be able to get the word out, so that people can be notified and make reservations.

Apparently, JuRY has been delaying making the list for a few weeks now. JuRY thinks that he can quickly get the list from his brother's wedding, and modify that. Now JuRY has that list, so he (supposedly) good to go! Ashley noted that if it's not in her Excel sheet, it's not done yet.

For the record, JuRY thinks there will still be a fight, mainly over the number of people who will be coming to the breakfast. Ashley thinks the fight will be over weather a reception hall is going to be necessary.

There is a Straw Poll (#3014373) created to ask the live listening audience if there is a fight happening. As of November 25, 2014, the results are eight votes for Yes, one vote for No, and four votes for Pol Pot.


Email your questions to [email protected], with "JuRYMore" in the subject line.

Last Names

Stephanie and Jason wrote in asking for advice on what to do about last names. Stephanie was thinking about hyphenating her last name, but was also leaning towards taking her husband's last name (Martin) for official purposes only. Her last name is (DeVito), which seems more awesome.

Neither Ashley nor Justin will be changing their last names with the marriage. Ashley related a story where she was married for a short time when she was young. She took her former husband's last name at marriage, and dropped it on the divorce, but even today she still gets mail with the old last name.

Both Ashley and Justin have a brand associated with their names, especially as how both are so prevalent on the Internet. Changing a name causes difficulties when people try to find their work online.

Justin's advice is to change the last name if it is an upgrade. In this case, DeVito is an upgrade from Martin, so any future children should take that last name. As for Jason (the husband), what he does really depends on what he does. If the future Mr. Martin is in a position where he would not face any difficulties or flak by taking his wife's last name, then he should do it.

Moving to Another City

Jeff (who lives in Salt Lake City) writes in, asking what convinced Ashley to move out of Columbus, Ohio to be with Justin. Jeff may be trying to convince someone else to move to be with him.

Justin advises Jeff that any move needs to be an upgrade. For example, JuRY did not believe a move from Florida to Ohio to be an upgrade; Ashley did not believe a move from Ohio to Florida to be an upgrade either. This kindof set JuRY off, because he does not think that Ohio is the completely awesome place that it is!

Fun Fact: For all the shit Justin says about Ohio, he loves Columbus.

Apparently, there was a fair amount of discussion as to who should move. Things changed when JuRY found his job at The Go Game and moved out to Oakland. Ashley was looking for a change of job, and was much more amenable to moving to Northern California than moving to Florida.

Ashley was having trouble getting responses from job applications when she was still out in Columbus; employers just weren't responding to applications until she already had a California address. One Ashley moved out to live with Justin in Oakland, that issue went away.

Interestingly, one of the reasons Justin took the job at The Go Game and moved out to Oakland was because he knew that a long-distance romance was not going to work out, and he much preferred California to Ohio (even though Ohio is awesome). It would take a large amount of money to move out to certain places with Ashley, such as places that have snow.


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