The Bizarre Briefing

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The Bizarre Briefing
The Bizarre Briefing.jpg
The Bizarre Briefing is your monthly behind-the-scenes conversation with the other guys behind Scam School.
Hosted by Bryce Castillo
Jon Tilton
Brandt Hughes
No. of episodes 13
Runtime 60-120 minutes
Camera Switcher(s) Bryce Castillo
Editor(s) Bryce Castillo
Distributor Independent
Original Run April 29, 2015 - Present

The Bizarre Briefing is a podcast in which the folks behind Scam School: Bryce Castillo, Jon Tilton, and Brandt Hughes discuss the behind the scenes of The Bizarre Magic Inc. online properties, including the Scam School YouTube channel,, and more.


See previous episodes on or on the Scam Stuff YouTube channel.


The Bizarre Briefing was nominated and won the 2016 People's Choice Podcast Award for the Business category, although the award was briefly brought into question because of the Hatting the System bookmarklet used to vote for the podcast.