Two Bros and a Brother

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Two Bros and a Brother
Number 89
Broadcast Date August 16, 2011
Episode Length TBD
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Owen JJ Stone, Get Set Go

OhDoctah is back (and so are the technical problems) and the countdown to Dragon*Con 2011 is officially on! Then Brian and OhDoctah give some advice to those in need.


Opening Video

BBliveshow throwback: Amtrekker's Problem.

Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon 2: Double Complete Dragon

This year, NSFW returns to Dragon*Con and this time, they have the big room! It's roughly 4 times the capacity of last year's room so we need to get butts in the seats. Chatrealm's mission is to create promotional posters and short promo videos for the live NSFW show at Dragon*Con. Be creative and include these details: Hilton Crystal Ballroom, Sunday Sept. 4 @ 8:30 pm. Send your submissions to [email protected]


Go to and use the offer code "NSFW8" for a 14-day free trial.

You know what you should do?

We all know that OhDoctah is the #1 advisor on the internet, but it is also true that Brian is the "You know what you should do that" guy. Even more surprising is that Justin is a medium and he will channel people who are having problems and Brian and OhDoctah will give them advice. As always, Chatrealm will be the judge and vote live at

  • Rick Perry
    • OhDoctah- Keep doing crazy crap so people know who you are.
    • Brian- All you have to do is NOT act like George W. Bush.
  • Barack Obama
    • OhDoctah- You are "black and incompetent and white and evil" so STFU and start fixing shit.
    • Brian- A few years ago there was this guy who wanted to bring about real change, his name was Barack Obama, do what he did.
  • Ron Paul
    • OhDoctah- Just start lying to the public and build up your reputation so you can get elected next time around.
    • Brian- Don't change anything about yourself, the internet loves you and eventually we will download your consciousness to the internet where you can live forever.
  • Tim Pawlenty
    • OhDoctah- Just kill yourself.
    • Brian- Go to, then watch "All the Presidents Men" and "JFK"


Go to for a 1 month free trial.

Summer Music Series

This week's guest performance is "Get Set Go". Their new album, "Fury of Your Lonely Heart" can be funded on Kickstarter.

To start they played their song "I Hate Everyone" which was featured on Grey's Anatomy, then they played "We Will Be Stars", a song off their new album. Then a while after the show ended, they played "Die Motherfucker Die"

New Champion! Woo!

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