Aereo’s Hail Mary

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Aereo’s Hail Mary
Number 28
Broadcast Date July 14, 2014
Episode Length 52:57
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Anthony Carboni

How Aereo could still change everything and Netflix Emmys it up.


Opening Video

Primary Target

US Supreme Court ruled Aereo has an “overhwelming likeness to the cable comanies”
Aereo wrote a letter to U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan Aereo would like to be allowed to pay the compulsory license fee set up for cable companies in Section 111 of the Copyright Act of 1976. - ::Broadcasters told the court they found this request “astonishing,”
The 1992 Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act provides the broadcasters the right to demand Retransmission consent which they can charge for.
Most likely they could just charge Aereo more than it could afford and be done with them. However the broadcasters don’t want a precedent set that a cable company operating over the Internet is the same as one operating over traditional cables.

Signals Intelligence

Sept. 24 South Park catalog moves to Hulu Plus under an exclusive multiyear agreement
Day after episodes will remain free on Hulu and South Park’s site in addition to a ‘revolving selection of free episodes’
Previously all episodes were free on South Park’s site.

Gear Up

TiVo Roamio updates
New column under My Shows to browse by category (customizable but hide and order)
On Demand and Web options coming to traditional guide

Under surveillance

Netflix gathered 30 nomintaions for Emmys (compared to 12 last year)10 for House of Cards, 10 for OITNB
No nominations for Amazon or Hulu Originals
Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is up for outstanding short-format nonfiction program, -
Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns episode with President Obama has taken a nomination as well.
Outstanding drama series for House of Cards
Outstanding comedy series for Orange is the New Black. House of
Kevin Spacey - outstanding lead actor in a drama series
Robin Wright - outstanding lead actress in a drama series as well. Ricky Gervais lead comedy actor category for Derek,
Taylor Schilling lead comedy actress category for Orange is the New Black.

Front Lines

$1-$3 million funding plus marketing support
Shorter than 30 minutes
YouTube needs higher quality content to boost what it can charge
YouTube trying to boost organic creation (push from behind) vs. commission shows directly like Netflix and Amazon
Thus making it Netflix's fault if its content buffers. That is true. Netflix says that Verizon won't upgrade that connection or it would work fine. That's also true. Both companies would like you to cheer for them in order to pressure the other side into saving them money. You will not see any of that money they save no matter which side you cheer for.
Set the filter to exclude movies rated under a certain amount on rotten tomatoes, select what years you want the search done in and then check boxes by genre. The site returns movies currently available for streaming on Netflix. Click the cover art to go to that title on Netflix.
It will be retroactively added to previously purchased movies.
Worldwide Apple sold more than 20 million Apple TVs since its launch in 2007. Roku has sold 8 million devices although limited to US, Canada, UK and Ireland. Google sold 3.8 million Chromecasts in the half year after it launched in 2013, about equal to Roku’s total 2013 sales.

2014 Summer Movie Draft

  • 1 Amtrekker: $576,340,707
  • 2 TMS: $547,539,188
  • 3 DTNS: $544,575,754
  • 4 Night Attack: $409,857,495
  • 5 GodsMoneybags: $328,852,309
  • 6 /Film: $200,938,015

On Screen

Dispatches From The Front

Hey Brian and Tom
I watched the first X-men movie tonight first time in years. I had a DVD copy of it years ago and from memory it looked perfectly fine. Tonight tho I watched it on Blu-ray for the first time and was kinda shocked at how the CGI visual effects just didn't quite look right.Kinda low res and off colour.
A good practical special effect like the fight over the Death Star in Star Wars A New Hope tends to keep looking good forever. And the practical special effects on the new Blu-ray's Star Trek The Next Gen look amazing. Do you think we will see movies with older CGI effects that looked fine on DVD start to look dated especially with the move to 4K coming down the pipe?

Hello Killers:
Listening to the last show I was confused with the comments about chromecast being too many steps to use.
Let's say I want to watch Rifle Burs on YouTube. If my TV is on at all, I open the app on my phone. Search for the video, hit play and touch the cast button. The Chromecast automatically switches to the correct input for me.
I for one thought that was super convenient. I can have "cord" enabled dumb TV on, look for want I want to watch on the many different apps on my phone and when I find it, it will switch over. No dead air.
Love the show!
Not yet your boss.

Hey Guys,
I just started watching The Boss on Netflix and WOW! This is a really great show! I think it is even better than House of Cards. I was wondering if you have watched this show and what you thought.
It was originally done for Starz and according to the internet it was not picked up after the 2nd season....can't imagine why. So is there a way to find out if someone else will pick it up like they did Community and others?
Thanks for your show...I rushed to support you on Patreon when you left TWIT tv.

Could Areo come to my house, install a digital antenna on my roof and legally carry on like business as usual?

All of the people on your show who have tried to ditch cable have gone about it the wrong way. They CALLED the company to cancel. That gives the cable company the advantage. I did it the right way. I had Charter. I unplugged all the cable companies hardware, packed it in a bag and took it all back to the custom service desk at their service center. They didn't even try to dupe me into anything. All I did was keep internet, and I'm saving $100/month.



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