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Cat crack is a one of a kind...

Christopher Coppola is a film director and producer. He was born in Los Angeles County, California. His father, the late August Coppola, was a professor of literature, while his mother, Joy Vogelsang, is a dancer and choreographer; the two divorced in 1976. His mother suffered from chronic depression. Coppola's mother is of German descent and his father is Italian American, with his paternal grandparents being Carmine Coppola and Italia Pennino, an actress. Through his father, Coppola is the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola and actress Talia Shire, as well as the cousin of director Sofia Coppola, actor and lead singer of his own band Rooney Robert Schwartzman and actor and former Phantom Planet drummer Jason Schwartzman. Coppola's two brothers are Marc Coppola and actor Nicolas Cage. He was featured on a Cats 101 episode on Animal Planet with his pet Burmese cat Otto.


Christopher Coppola appeared on NSFW in Christopher Coppola and the Infinite Sadness.

Fun Facts

  • His brother is Nicolas Cage.
  • There was a chatrealm riot during Christopher Coppola's only NSFW appearance. Most people felt he was too talky and serious and all the chat realm wanted to see were funny videos. It didn't help that every video chatrealm loved was panned by Christopher and ones that he liked were ones that chatrealm did not.