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Headlines Only
Number 2464
Broadcast Date APRIL 3, 2015
Episode Length 32:05
Hosts Tom Merritt

Since Len and Darren both had conflicts, and it’s the Good Friday holiday in some parts of the world, Tom just talks about the main headlines and reads a few extra emails.



VentureBeat reports Microsoft will not turn on “Do Not Track” by default in the fortcoming Project Spartan browser. Microsoft began turning on DNT by default with the release of Internet Explorer 10 two years ago. The W3C standard states users must set their own tracking preferences. The effectiveness of DNT is questionable since The Digital Advertising Alliance, The Better Business Bureaus and DMA do not penalize companies for not honoring the signals.
Reuters reports Indonesia is looking to expand its requirements that importers of smartphones manufacture a percentage of their product in Indonesia or have their import license revoked. New regulations targeting 4G smartphones are expected to be completed in June and go into force Jan. 1, 2017. No phones were manufactured in Indonesia until last year when 15 companies, including Samsung, submitted plans to the Industry Ministry to start production.

News From You

Sony is buying what’s left of cloud game streamer OnLive. Sony Computer Entertainment gets patents and some assets and the service will shut down April 30. Sony bought similar game streaming company Gaikai in July 2012 and has since launched PlayStation Now. VentureBeat notes Steam games purchased through the service will remain in Steam but no refunds will be given for any purchases and all saved game date will be deleted.
Submitted by h82or8
Gizmodo has a story about the F-35 Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System that lets a pilot see through the aircraft’s airframe thanks to infrared cameras streaming from around the aircraft. Additionally information like airspeed, heading, altitude, targeting information and warnings are projected on the helmet’s visor. For this Oculus Rift of Reality in the Air you just need $400,000. And Form 4009.
Submitted by starfuryzeta
Wired has a piece covering comments made by CTO of Microsoft Azure Mark Russinovich at ChefConf about open sourcing Windows. The words getting everyone excited are “It’s definitely possible. It’s a new Microsoft.” But don’t expect it to happen soon. Russinovich also said. “If you open source something but it comes with a build system that takes rocket scientists and three months to set up, what’s the point?” It seems Russinovich, is trying to say that the Microsoft that vilified open source in the late 1990s is gone. Linux can run on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft has open sourced .Net and some other software. And at some point it would make sense to move Windows to a Linux-like support and implementation business model.
Submitted by spsheridan
Engadget reports that BMW North America CEO Ludwig Willisch told Autoblog that for “the introduction of every new model, there will be a plug-in hybrid version of that, too.” Notice he said new model. Willisch squashed rumors of a BMW i5/i7 plug-in hybrid, though BMW did say when it announced plug-in options for core models back in December, that it’s plug-in hybrid tech could go into any of its vehicles. So never say never. Still Willisch says it won’t happen “any time soon.”
Submitted by starfuryzeta


Pick of the Day

On episode 2461, you talked about how you’re excited to use the Amazon Prime Dash to order razor blades. As a much cheaper alternative, I’d like to recommend Dorco razors. The Dorco razor cartridges cost a dollar and change per blade, where the major brand blades on Amazon are sold for almost $4 per blade. You can order the blades direct from the manufacturer at DorcoUSA.com with free shipping.
Submitted by Jason from ‘getting warmer’ Manhattan



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