The Moose in the Room

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The Moose in the Room
Number 116
Broadcast Date April 11, 2016
Episode Length 58:03
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Fraser Cain, Chris Mancini

Canada cuts the cord because its cable is cheaper, NFL comes to Twitter, and is Tom Waits a stunt casting? With special guests Chris Mancini and Fraser Cain.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Convergence Consulting Group report
190,000 Canadians dropped traditional TV in 2015 +80% yoy
Cable subs last grew in Canada in 2012
Canada decline 1.5% bigger than 1% decline in US
Majority HH still subscribe ti TV (11 mm)
Netflix subs in Canada rose 58% from 2013-2015 (4.9 mm)
Canadians pay less on average for cable but more for Internet than US

Signals Intelligence

Twitter will stream 10 Thursday Night Football games “to a global audience” in 2016 for free without authentication.
Paid around $10 million acc. Bloomberg’s source (beating out Verizon, Yahoo, Amazon)
NFL evp media said didn’t take highest bidder.
Twitter gets a small portion of ad inventory
CBS and NBC paid $225mm for 5 Thursday games each — Verizon has rights to stream to wireless phones
Twitter video will be embeddable. Include pregame Periscope streams from players and teams
Available on Xbox app and possibly partnered w/ Google and Yahoo
Twitter CFO Anthony Noto (formerly of the NFL) told Bloomberg wants to do other sports, politics and entertainment.
Twitter claims 800mm audience when counting non0logged-in people
Thursday night games attracted 17 million viewers last season.
NFL’s biggest broadcast contracts end in 2021
Yahoo streamed Oct. 25 game from London (paid $20mm)

Gear Up

Roku introduced an updated $50 Streaming Stick.
Quad-core CPU, dual-band MIMO antenna, and the ability to stream audio over Wi-Fi to a smartphone.
Does not support 4k video only 1080p.
The stick is available for purchase and will ship near the end of the month.
Roku is also rolling out OS 7.1 today available on all devices within 6 to 8 weeks.

Front Lines

Netflix will raise all subscribers prices to $9.99. Netflix guaranteed the original pricing plan for customers in May 2014. Netflix users in the UK will begin to see an increase of 50p later this month, with prices going up to £7.49.
Starz is making an app for iOS and Android and selling access for $8.99 a month. The same app will be accessible to existing subscribers. Users can get “virtually unlimited” downloads of shows and movies. The premiere of Outlander will come on the app April 7 two days before the premiere.
Cablevision’s Optimum TV service has added Hulu to channel 605. Customers can subscribe through Hulu or Cablevision.
A company called Layer3 plans to compete with cable companies by offering traditional cable but with better tech. The company will deliver a better picture by using fiber and HEVC (H.265) video, and one hour appointment windows. It’s set-top box will be simple to install and include Internet options like Amazon and Netflix. The channel guide prioritizes channels based on your interests not channel numbers. Level3 is coming to Chicago first in the next few months for $80-$150.
Verizon has purchased a 24.5% stake in Awesomeness TV, which is majority owned by Dreamworks. Hearst also owns 24.5%. It looks like Verizon will use Awesomeness content for its G090 mobile video service in a new subscription tier. AwesomenessTV runs YouTube channels for itself, Dreamworks and Seventeen magazine, and produces a sketch comedy series on Nickelodeon. Parents ask your kids.
Plex updated its Web interface. Search finds everything across multiple categories as you type. Improved navigation includes more prominent discovery features and better mouse and touch controls.
CNET has a great explainer up on the latest video format war. This time its two implantation of High Dynamic Range or HDR video in 4K. Here's the short version. There are two HDR implementations, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Samsung and Sony support HDR10. LG and Vizio support both. Amazon and Netflix stream in both.

Under Surveillance

Hulu’s original Citizen, a hero origin story set in a supernaturalized New York has cast Tom Waits as Cesar, an anti-authoritarian priest. Cesar, runs a guerrilla humanitarian outfit with questionable legality from his church in Boyle Heights.

Dispatches From The Front

Before Star Wars Episode VII came out to own, I decided I would just buy it digitally until the new box set comes out after episode 9. There wasn't a need to have a physical DVD when I could own it through Amazon or Google. However, I recently replaced my laptop and iPad with a Surface Pro 4. I love to watch movies on the plane when traveling. However, what I found is that neither Amazon nor Google will let me download a movie I own onto my Surface, because it is a computer and they don't have apps like they do for the iPad where they can control the content. This being said, I opted to buy the physical DVD + Blue Ray + Digital HD version of the movie. I wanted to share this story because this was a rare occasion for me where the physical DVD was the better option for me and fortunately it comes with a digital copy. I am getting to watch what I want, where I want, and sort of on the device I want - but it's not completely there yet. Would love to hear of any better suggestions for this scenario or any similar frustrations!

Love listening to the show every week!


Hi, I have the feeling that I emailed you about this before but possibly not for this podcast. Anytime people talk about users agents, bots or digital butlers automatically doing useful things for you, I am reminded about Hyperland an early 90s TV show written and presented by the late great Douglas Adams. It is a bit too pre-internet and there's too much "CD-Roms will fix everything!" which makes it feel out of date. However Douglas Adams makes some interesting predictions especially about how you will be able to get additional information about shows and skip between interesting things. He is joined in the show by a digital assistant played by Tom Baker. They previously worked together when Douglas Adams wrote for the classic series of Doctor Who (the Douglas Adams co-written story, City of Death is a wonderful intro to classic series).

You can find Hyperland on YouTube (Tom's wife works for YouTube) and while you are there look up the South Bank Show profile of Douglas Adams from 1992 and feel sad.

- Tim

re: redbox: Think you guys might have missed the point about them going digital. If they bring the same price wars to digital as they did against brick and mortar it could shake things up quite a bit. Brian seems to think that the reason redbox customers use them is for the physical content. I use them for the incredible price point. Why spend 5$ on Google play when redbox costs a buck? I recently spent 5$ on a YouTube rental for Spotlight because the vending machine only has so many titles. I'm guessing digital could erase that problem as well. Thanks for the show!!

- Erick



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