What the Puck Is Up With Sports Streaming!?

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What the Puck Is Up With Sports Streaming!?
Number 2447
Broadcast Date MARCH 11, 2015
Episode Length 41:36
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Pelle Eklund

Ever wonder why pro sports can’t get rid of local blackouts on digital streams? Hockeybuzz’s Eklund is here to help us understand that and how Samsung hopes to force hockey fans to buy a Galaxy or Note.



If you were frightened scared and alone because of the Apple iTunes outage rest assured. Apple told CNBC “The cause was an internal DNS error at Apple.”
ReCode reports that one US FCC Official says the new Open Internet Rules are expected to be made public tomorrow. After which people can stop saying “we haven’t seen the rules yet” and move on to arguing about what the rules will actually mean in practice.
Along with lifting NDA’s on Google Pixel laptop reviews, Google also launched an online store to feature its hardware at store.google.com. If you’re looking for official Nexus versions of phones, tablets, watches and more that’s where you’ll find them now. TechCrunch notes this means devices will no longer be a section in the Google Play store which will focus on apps and media.
And if you’re in London The Telegraph notes Google has opened a physical store of sorts inside Currys PC World on London’s Tottenham Court Road. The Google Shop will have all its devices, conduct tutorials and demonstrations and feature lovely blonde hardwood tables. The “shop within a shop” should also come to Currys PC World in Fulham west London and Thurrock Essex.
And our hat trick of Google news comes thanks to PC Mag. Google Nearline is a beta cloud storage offering for 1 cent per GB with a promised response time of 3 seconds. It’s meant as a soft replacement for cold storage of data that still gives you reasonably fast access when an unexpected need arises.It will have redundant locations, OAuth and be fully integrated with other Google Cloud storage options.
TechCrunch passes along the WSJ report that Apple will add the Force Touch feature of the new MacBook to the next version of the iPhone. Force Touch senses the force of a touch, hence the name, which can be used as a contextual menu selection or to provide finer control of things like games.
Facebook has removed the “Feeling Fat” emoticon option after 16,000 people signed an online petition at Change.org reports the Verge. “Feeling Fat” was a recent addition to a list that Facebook users could add to their statuses. Petitioners argued that “fat is not a feeling” and that the emoticon encouraged negative body image among girls. While “feeling fat” a “Feeling Stuffed” status can still be chosen.
The Verge passes on the news from The Wall Street Journal that Sony’s internet TV service, Playstation Vue will launch in New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia in the next two weeks. Selected users have been testing the service in those cities for a few months. PSVue (not to be confused with PS2) will deliver around 75 broadcast and cable channels like CBS FOX NBC Comedy Central, FX, Discovery. Users can watch live or store recorded shows for 28 days. Still no word on cost. The goal is to roll out Vue nationwide by the end of 2015.
Oh did you say you wanted MORE on demand video services? Well, Recode reports that Verizon announced a programming deal with DreamWorks Animation’s AwesomenessTV unit to provide more than 200 hours of new shows across two channels one for teens and one for families, featuring DreamWorks most recognizable characters. So, Shrek. According to Verizon CEO Fran Shammo, the service is aimed at people who want to watch video via a wireless connection, which likely means on phones and tablets. No word on cost just yet but it’s expected to launch this summer.

News From You

Engadget reports that a WSJ story reports that the US Justice Department is using the Cessna mounted electronic sniffer boxes called dirtboxes. Theses are the boxes that mimic the behavior of cell towers intercepting ID and registration information. A $100 million flying man-in-the-middle attack. The technology, developed for use in the Middle East, has been repurposed by the US Marshals Service with help of the CIA and Boeing. The EFF and ACLU have filed Freedom of Information Act requests regarding the program plus additional information about the acquisition, possession and use of cell site simulators.
Submitted by habichuelacondulce
The Verge has a story on the end of the PlayStation Mobile platform. PlayStation Mobile was Sony’s store for indie games and classic PlayStation games for the PS Vita and selected Android Phones. No new content will publish after July 15th and by Sept 10th you’ll no longer be able to re-download games you already own.
Submitted by zuntax
There is a column from David Post at the Washington Post about the pressure being put on ICANN to fight copyright infringement through its issuance of domain names. Post notes prohibiting end-users from copyright infringement is in ICANN’s contract with registrars but asks if a domain name administrator should be enforcing intellectual property law. Definitely worth a read.
Submitted by goofball_jones


Pick of the Day

You guys need to check out Bosch on Amazon Prime. One of the pilots from last year that made it. A real good detective series.
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Submitted by Stan Cook



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