1-900 Wrestling

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1-900 Wrestling
1-900 Wrestling
Hosted by Willie Dills & Justin Robert Young
No. of episodes 56
Runtime Varies
Producer(s) Justin Robert Young

1-900 Wrestling

Justin Robert Young and Willie "Dills" Gregory take an irreverent look at professional wrestling.
From guessing who is speaking in a game of Slow Mo Promo to answering your email, there is no pro wrestling podcast quite like this.





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2018 Episodes

1-900 Wrestling 2018 - Episodes
Episode No. Duration Title Summary Date Show Page Audio
56 1:04:37 Royal Rumblings THINGS GET HOT! Royal Rumble discussion. NJPW falls in love! NXT is classic! 29 January 2018 Show Page MP3
55 53:19 25th Anniversary of RAW The future of NXT and the RAW's past are the top stories. And Enzo. And a discussion about art 23 January 2018 Show Page
54 The One Nine Hundies We break down Justin's trip to Tokyo and pay homage to 2017's highlights. 15 January 2018 Show Page
53 Wrestle Kingdom 12 Audio Documentary We bring you inside the Tokyo Dome for Wrestle Kingdom 12! 4 January 2018 Show Page
52 Audio Documentary from DDT in Korakuen Hall A wild night of DDT wrestling in the famous Korakuen Hall. Joey Ryan and much more! 3 January 2018 Show Page

2017 Episodes

1-900 Wrestling 2017 - Episodes
Episode No. Duration Title Summary Date Show Page Audio
51 Capitol Wrestling Clash of Champions talk, DALTON IS CHAMPION and Harry Terjanian joins us to talk about Capitol Wrestling. 19 December 2017 Show Page
50 Santa is the best face in the business Rich Swann arrested, mid-life crises pre-planning and Chris Jericho in New Japan. 12 December 2017 Show Page
49 ginGUS! Matt has WOKEN 6 December 2017 Show Page
48 Solo One Nine Hundo JuRY is solo rider tonight as we discuss Ellsworth, the RAW returns and the future of indie wrestling on Twitch. 13 November 2017 Show Page
47 "Nature Boy" Running Commentary Justin watches the Nature Boy documentary! Full commentary track! Play it along with the movie! 8 November 2017 Show Page
46 Out Of Proportion People are fired from WWE, Lio Rush plays himself and all the online media gossip. 30 October 2017 Show Page
45 Viral Success A surprisingly awesome TLC show brings a great ep! 24 October 2017 Show Page
44 One Sweet JuRY and Dills talk the Shield reunion and undeserved pushes we each received in our personal civilian life. 17 October 2017 Show Page
43 Owens, Shane and that big surprise ending. Owens, Shane and that big surprise ending. 10 October 2017 Show Page
42 The masks we all wear More talk about wrestling in Vegas, which shots the Briscoes prefer and why we lie to each other. 2 October 2017 Show Page
41 Death Before Dishonor Audio Diary Dills and JuRY make it to Vegas to see Death Before Dishonor. Here are all the moments as they happened. 26 September 2017 Show Page
40 Cliffhanger Justin and Dills wonder how wrestling would be better as a storytelling platform if it were separated into seasons. 19 September 2017 Show Page
39 When do you become the sad old guy? WWE sends a C and D to the Young Buck for "Suck It" 12 September 2017 Show Page
38 Died In That Helicopter Dills tells Justin about RAW. Justin tells Dills about Smackdown. JJ if F-I-DOUBLE R-E-D and more... 8 September 2017 Show Page
37 Break Our belated Summerslam review, how well booked the MayMac fight was as well as the agony 30 August 2017 Show Page
36 Lie, Cheat and Steal JuRY and Dills discuss talk an NXT house show in San Jose and why it means Takeover will be awesome. 15 August 2017 Show Page
35 Business Killing JuRY and Dills discuss what killed the business more this weekend and play Slo Mo Promo. 7 August 2017 Show Page
34 Do You Like Watching People Fight? JuRY and Dills discuss Summerslam, if we only like GLOW because we like wrestling and if we actually like people fighting in real life. 31 July 2017 Show Page
33 It Was Me... Austin Dills and JuRY went to see the big Wrestle Circus show this weekend! This talk about that and review Battleground! 27 July 2017 Show Page
32 I Love You JuRY and Dills are going to Wrestle Circus! They talk Kurt Angle's reveal! 18 July 2017 Show Page
31 Leave... Me Alone Great Balls of Fire was hot! Austin Aries is gone! Braun is the hero we deserve! More indie wrestling on Twitch! 11 July 2017 Show Page
30 Free Circus Dills and Justin analyze how big of a deal Wrestle Circus blowing up on Twitch is, the various paths of Enzo Amore and much more. 28 June 2017 Show Page
29 The Greatest Love I've Ever Known A controversial end to the women's Money in the Bank begins this episode of 1-900-Intersectional 3rd Wave Feminism. 19 June 2017 Show Page
28 Kennnnnnyyyyy! Okada v. Omega dominates. For real. It does. 12 June 2017 Show Page
27 Baltimore Is Bathed in Filth JuRY and Dills chop up Extreme Rules, WCPW and more! 6 June 2017 Show Page
26 Circus Circus! Is #BrokenMattHardy gone forever? Dills reviews Wrestle Circus. Breeze... dirtbag! 31 May 2017 Show Page
25 Hindered? The NEW WWE Champion, the split of the century, the emergence of the UK wrestlers, how common wife swapping is within wrestling 22 May 2017 Show Page
24 Pete Dunne is a Arby's Manager JuRY and Dills talk sleep pics, the IWGP US championship and more! 16 May 2017 Show Page
23 Sex is on Fire Justin and Willie run through a grab bag of topics including a trip the Cow Palace, a girlfriend showing an interest in wrestling, and MORE! 8 May 2017 Show Page
22 Wrestlefigs Braun Strowman running through a door with surgical precision and celebrate Bray Wyatt setting the new land speed record. 2 May 2017 Show Page
21 Casting the Vince McMahon Biopic Justin and Dills cast the entire new Vince Mcmahon movie including Vince, Linda, Hogan and an Undertaker casting suggestion that's money. 26 April 2017 Show Page
20 Detroit JuRY and Dills talk the Superstar Shakeup, if Roman Reigns is dead or not and the DEBUT of the Big Pop Quiz. Oh jesus... please listen to the Big Pop Quiz. 4/18/2017 Show Page MP3
19 Shakeup Dills and Justin are back from Wrestlemania and are ready to tell some tales! Which superstar was wasted after WM33? Who should go where after the Superstar Shakeup? Is JBL hitler? 4/11/2017 Show Page MP3
18 Wrestlemania Weekend Part 2 - WRESTLEMANIA The best day of JuRY and Dills' life. This audio documentary will bring you to the floor of Wrestlemania 33 including the John Cena and Nikki Bella's engagement, the surprise return of the Hardy Boys and the retirement of the Undertaker. Also, the debut of Our New Best Friend Ryan from Glasgow. 4/3/2017 Show Page MP3
17 Wrestlemania Weekend Part 1 - The Indies Dills and JuRY are on the ground in Orlando bringing you audio from Evolve, Progress, WCPW and Ring of Honor! 4/2/2017 Show Page MP3
16 Prelude to Mania Dill and JuRY determine if the Wrestlemania matches are unbaked, half baked or fully baked. The first of many episodes this week! 3/28/2017 Show Page MP3
15 Sticky Situation The boys are joined by Harry Terjanian and talk Southpaw and the Paige leaks. 3/22/2017 Show Page MP3
14 Leaked Wrestlemania Time Capsule HHH is back! Finn Balor is back! Wrestlemania season is here! 3/14/2017 Show Page MP3
13 [email protected] Justin hasn't seen Fastlane but Dills walks him through it. Also, Bray Wyatt does some tragic tech support. 3/6/2017 Show Page MP3
12 Step-Dad Heel Turn JuRY and Dills discuss the build to WM, despicable heel turns in wrestling and real life. 2/27/2017 Show Page MP3
11 You're the Jannetty Dills and Jurbs discuss the Festival of Broken Friendship and more. 2/21/2017 Show Page MP3
10 Half Of You Ride The Bus! JuRY and Dills are joined by Andrew Zarian of Mat Men. They discuss Elimination Chamber and play Slow Mo Promo. 2/13/2017 Show Page MP3
9 Raw Theme Song Lyric Breakdown Willie and JuRY break down the Raw theme song, compare the Super Bowl to Wrestlemania and debate Seth Rollins conspiracy theories. 2/6/2017 Show Page MP3
8 Royal Rumble Audio Diary Dills and JuRY go to San Antonio for NXT and the Royal Rumble. They discuss Butt Rock and a new Luke Harper entrance theme set to "I Love This Bar". 1/30/2017 Show Page MP3
7 Surprise Entrant Royal Rumble week is here! Justin and Willie are going! They talk who they want to see! Which industries could best rip off the Rumble! Kurt Angle! More! 1/24/2017 Show Page MP3
6 Royal Rumble Superfecta Justin and Willie discuss Vince McMahon's love for MLK, how much of a problem drunk William Regal must have been and try to box up some Royal Rumble bets. 1/16/2017 Show Page MP3
5 Where in the World is Kenny Omega Justin and Dills break down where The Cleaner has run of to! 1/10/2017 Show Page MP3
4 Only To Reveal A Ukulele How to high road the next person who tells you wrestling is fake. Also: FANTASY BOOKING ROULETTE! 1/2/2017 Show Page MP3
3 2016 Superlatives Dills and JuRY discuss the best that 2016 had to offer AND the beginning of the melodica theme challenge! 12/29/2016 Show Page MP3
2 Name That Theme Song Justin and Dills break down Road Block and play a game of Name That Theme Song. 12/19/2016 Show Page MP3
1 Debut Willie and Justin make their official debut with a story about going to Raw by yourself,a Ledger of Critical Commentary and a SHOCKING secret that will change this show forever. 12/12/2016 Show Page MP3