6 Word Failoir

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6 Word Failoir
Number 11
Broadcast Date February 9, 2010
Episode Length 1:04:21
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Larry Smith

6 Word Failoir was an episode of NSFW in which Justin and Brian were joined by Larry Smith of Smith Magazine and turned 6 word memoirs into 6 word failoirs.


Opening Video

Arcattack: Faraday Fun - Imperial March

6 Word Failoirs

This episode was sponsored by Audible.com.

Audible.com recommendations from this episode:

New Champion! Woo!

  • "Rubix Cube: solved. Clitoris: not yet."

Great Quotes

"If anyone can tackle the clitoris, it's NSFW." -Brian
"Reading's for dummies! Get on Audible." -Justin
"N-S-F-dubs, mutha-effa." -Justin

Fun Facts

  • The episode was incorrectly titled "6 Word Failmoir" by TWiT, which resulted in the incorrect title being distributed to iTunes and other distribution channels.
  • The title on the TWiT site was finally corrected by Patrick Delahanty on March 2, 2014.


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