Ad Dragon

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Ad Dragon
First Appearance Earnest on a Buffalo
Portrayed By Justin Robert Young

Ad Dragon is the responsible embodiment of accurate and palatable ad reads.

Stint as NSFW Show Ad-Reader

After the now infamous Click-Clack incident, Ad Dragon replaced Justin on NSFW during the ad reads. Justin was understandably upset at being kicked off for nearly a quarter of the show each week and challenged Ad Dragon to an ad-read-off at South By So Wasted 2013, in which they would face off head-to-head reading fake ad reads to see who was better. The winner, Justin proposed, would gain not only a permanent spot as NSFW co-host, but also be put on the NSFW album art. Watch the video of the showdown.

Ad Dragon was forced to forfeit after he was morally unable to endorse the product that was supposed to be promoting. The Ad Dragon was banished from the NSFW show and Justin retained his position of full-time co-host, however, the NSFW album art is still JuRY-less.


  • Does very professional ad-reads.
  • Talks like a very friendly human from the southern United States.

Catch Phrases

  • "Hey y'all!"


Fun Facts