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petefic's famous Sgt. Pepper Adobeshop
An Adobeshop of 24's Jack Bauer torturing Brian

Adobeshop is a synonym for Adobe Photoshop. It is the tool of choice for BBLiveShow's Adobeshop Contests.

The term originated from Bonnie the Invisible Wife, who originally used the term without realizing it was a mistake.

The experts of Adobeshop are Petefic and Dodd Vickers. Viewer Kuhan was once considered an Adobeshop expert but was stripped of his rank after an abysmal performance during ADOBONANZA!!!!.

Adobeshops need not be solely photomanips; it is the consensus of the Chatrealm that original artwork/graphics may be considered Adobeshops as well (and for purposes of BBPedia editing are considered such).

BBpedia collection of viewer's adobeshops