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Naaim Siddiqi
Born February 22, 1993
Known For Classic member of the community, photoshopper, and podcaster.
Podcasts Sentai Rangers, Real View Mirror

Kuhan's successful attempt at a world record for eating skittles

Kuhan (aka Naaim Siddiqi) is a member of chatrealm from a time before the term "Chatrealm" was even coined. He now hosts podcasts.

He is a moderator on The Green Lantern Corps Message Board and the editor-in-chief of Sentai Rangers, as well as a host of the official podcasts of both sites. He was an editor and voice actor for the now inactive Watchtower Studios DC Abridged Universe. His best friend is ProfessorWhat and they may or may not be potatoes.

Kuhan's Legacy

Kuhan is not acceptable in Words With Friends

Kuhan was once renowned as one of BBLiveShow's favorite users and popular Adobeshoppers, but that all changed.

Kuhan The Beloved

Kuhan The Beloved was an era of early BBLiveShow when Kuhan was considered among the best of the show's contributors. This era bloomed in a time when photoshop contests were a mainstay in the show. He earned the crowd's favor with reliably entertaining entries. It was during this time that he and Gatowag shared a cafepress account to distribute chatrealm and Kuhan-specific apparel.

Kuhan The Damned

Kuhan The Damned is an era consisting of all the time from the end of Kuhan The Beloved to present day. The break in eras can be traced to a photoshop duel between Petefic, Kuhan, and fellow adobeshopper Dodd Vickers. The stakes were bragging rights and notoriety. Kuhan showed up late and showed a weaker display than expected, which turned chatrealm into a flurry of shouting "KUHAAN!"

Although there are a few instances of Kuhan bolstering his infamy during this time, it is also in this era that he successfully set a new world record for skittle eating on the show. He has since been dethroned of this record.

Since his heel turn, Kuhan's name has become more of a memetic artifact of the show being synonymous with betrayal, used as an expletive shouted in interjection, particularly during moments of technical failures. Later in NSFW Show's history, Cheeto would become a similar figure who would come to represent betrayal of expectations.



The CorpsCast discusses all things Green Lantern, Past, Present, and Future!.

On Hiatus

The Chatrealm-Award-Nominated discussion podcast about media consumption.
A discussion on the Power Rangers Universe.

Other Podcast Appearances

  • My So Called 8bit Life
    • Episode 15 - Green Power Ranger Corps
    • Episode 48 - Go Go Power Phd.
    • Episode 82 - Groundhog Day Commentary
    • Episode 160 - Callback Kuhan
  • Draft Time
    • Episode 3 - Fast Five and Prom
    • Episode 10 - Green Lantern

Fun Facts

  • Doesn't know how to create new pages using Wikipedia markup language. Instead, he creates dead links and edits pages from there.
  • Kuhan was 14 years old when he first started watching BBLiveShow.
  • His first episode of BBLiveShow was Viral Video Smackdown No. 2
  • He's been following Scam School since Episode 1.
  • Still calls this site BBpedia from time to time

Catch Phrases


  • 2009 GTFO Award Winner (Internet Celebrity)
  • 2013 Least Trustworthy (nominated)
  • 2014 Best Graphics Guru (nomination)
  • 2014 Best New Podcast & Best New Chatrealm Podcast (nomination - Real View Mirror)
  • 2014 Best <> Podcaster (nominated)
  • 2014 The GTFO Award 2014 (nominated)
  • 2014 The Dumbest Shit (nominated)