Am I Legal?

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Am I Legal?
Number 59
Broadcast Date January 18, 2012
Episode Length 1:06:34
Hosts Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood, Ron Richards

YouTube's new entertainment channels, Hulu's Battleground debut, Sling on a chip, and more.


Opening Video


The Big Story

YouTube starts rolling out their new entertainment channels.

Another Big Story

Hulu announces first original scripted show 'Battleground', plus more proprietary programming. 1 2


Visit to try out their service with a free audio book.


  • Lovefilm adding ABC TV show archive in UK Netflix fight. 1
  • comScore publishes December 2011 U.S. online video rankings; Facebook slips. 1
  • Amazon casts flattering light on UltraViolet. 1
  • Tom Hanks planning Yahoo-only web series, “Electric City”. 1
  • Myspace says it’s going to sell you web TV. 1

Tube Tops

  • Broadcom to put Sling on a chip. 1
  • Roku to launch cordless streaming stick for TVs. 1
  • New Google TV taps Marvell system-on-a-chip. 1
  • Google TV to get annual upgrades; recommendations likely in 2012. 1

Film Falm

  • Frank Darabont's epic, rejected plan for 'Walking Dead' season 2 revealed? 1
  • International Academy of Web Television announces winners for the inaugural IAWTV Awards. 1
  • Frequency, a TV guide for web video, tries a new look. 1
  • FRINGE - Past + Present + Future. 1
  • First scene from Avatar: The Legend of Korra shows our heroine kicking butt. 1

Winter Movie Draft

  • (1) Tom - $470,109,010
  • (2) Brian - $376,324,187
  • (3) Glenn - $376,037,120
  • (4) Sarah - $346,435,273
  • (5) Justin - $255,532,950

What We're Watching


  • Avatar: The Last Airbender (rewatching)
  • Sherlock (season 2)


  • Thirtysomething


  • Fringe
  • Being Human (US version)


  • A viewer asks about the distinction between different types of trailers.
  • Chimaera discusses the viability for replacing a portable TV with Filmon's over the air tuner in emergency situations.

Great Quotes

  • Brian: "Can I mail them a check for $.35?"
    • Ron: "You should totally do that just to kick off the Brazil like bureaucracy problem. When the BBC gets a check for $.37 from an American, and they're like, 'Well we can't cash this.' And it'll get passed around and the check will be in a plastic bag and through the pneumatic tubes in the BBC and it'll never get cashed."

Fun Facts



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