America's Next Bob Iger

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America's Next Bob Iger
Number 302
Broadcast Date March 3, 2020
Episode Length 54:34
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Bill Meeks

Iger is out, AT&T TV now (not AT&T TV Now) nationwide, and new original anime series. All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Bill Meeks.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Disney's Robert Iger announced he has stepped down as CEO. Iger announced in 2018 that he planned to retire but the announcement Tuesday was unexpected. Disney's Chairman of Parks, Experiences and Products, Bob Chapek is the new Disney CEO. Iger will assume the role of executive chairman through 2021 and direct creative endeavors while leading the board.

How to Watch

Remember AT&T TV which is different than AT&T TV Now? No? Let's refresh. AT&T TV NOW is the renamed DirecTV Now which offers cable-like streaming TV service over the internet on pretty much whatever platform you want with no contract. You get the app, you pay for the subscription you watch the TV. AT&T TV (without the Now) is the one where you pay for streaming cable-like TV over the internet and AT&T gives you an Android box to watch the service on. You also have to agree to a two year contract. AT&T TV (with the contract and the box but not the word now) has launched starting at $50 a month for the first year after which it goes up to $93 a month with a $15 per month early termination fee on whatever months you have left if you cancel early. The Android box has most of the Google Play apps, like Netflix and YouTube but inexplicably not Hulu or Prime Video. You can access AT&T TV on iOS and Android mobile devices too.

What to Watch

Ben Schnetzer has been cast as Yorick in FX's Y: The Last Man opposite Diane Lane. The series begins production in April. What do you know Ben Schnetzer from? Maybe the series Happy Town or the movie Pride or Snowden? He was Khadgar in Warcraft?
Netflix's first original out of Nigeria is a yet-to-be-named six part series directed by Akin Omotoso (Vaya) Daniel Oriahi and CJ Obasi. Shot in Lagos, it tells the story of the goddess Kemi, reincarnated as a human to avenge her daughter's death.

Eyes On

Front Lines

Crisis averted. Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns the Fox Sports regional channels now, reached a temporary agreement with YouTube TV to keep the channels available to subscribers. YouTube TV notified customers late last week that the channels would be going away but a temporary agreement was reached to keep them available while the two sides work on a longer-term deal.
Comcast has acquired Xumo, a free ad-supported streaming video service similar to Pluto TV. Xumo will operate as an independent business unit. Xumo has about 10 million monthly viewers.
Meanwhile, NBC struck a deal with A&E Networks to add hundreds of hours of A&E programming to Peacock. Shows like Storage Wars, Cold Case Files, Project Blue Book and more. Peacock launches April 15 for Comcast subscribers and July 15 for everyone else.
AMC Networks said it now has 2 million subscribers across its four streaming services. AMC runs Acorn TV, Shudder, Sundance Now and Urban Movie Channel. Revenues from the services helped offset losses from declining cable and satellite distribution and declining ad revenue.
Discovery on the other hand, saw revenue from ads and distribution rise offsetting declines in viewers. Discovery has been pursuing digital distribution and seeing international distribution.
Sports streaming service DAZN will expand from nine countries to 200 in advance of its first global live event, the Cinco De Mayo weekend fight on May 2. The international programming will focus on boxing.

Dispatches From The Front

Hello, after listening to the episode and someone talking about the package issue with Hulu and Disney. I have been Hulu (No Ads) subscriber for 8+ years. When Disney+ came out, I did a little research and found out that as long as your Hulu and Disney subscriptions have the same email address, you will get a discount on your Disney subscription. I pay for Hulu (No Ads) separately from Disney but I just confirmed that my Disney bill was only $7.53.

- Shawn

In regards to the email from a listener in Katie Texas, you can upgrade to the ad free Hulu tier from your Hulu settings, not from Disney+. This keeps your D+ bundle discount.

Thank you,
- Jesse



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