Apple to Reportedly Release iPad Keyboard with a Trackpad

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Apple to Reportedly Release iPad Keyboard with a Trackpad
Number 1061
Broadcast Date FEBRUARY 28, 2020
Episode Length 5:02
Hosts Rich Stroffolino

The Information reports that Apple will release a keyboard with a built in trackpad when it releases updated iPad Pros, COVID-19 virus concerns leads to more event cancellations by tech companies, and the US Senate passes the Secure and Trusted Telecommunications Networks Act.


The Information reports that, according to sources, Apple is preparing to mass produce a new iPad keyboard with a built-in trackpad, to be released with updated iPad Pros later this year. iPadOS currently supports mouse input, but only through AssistiveTouch technology as an accessibility option.
Facebook canceled the in person part of its F8 developer conference set to take place May 5-6. Facebook says instead it will conduct “locally hosted events, videos and live-streamed content.”
The Chinese League of Legends Pro League announced it will resume its season March 9th, after suspending play over COVID-19 concerns. Players will be required to undergo a 14-day monitored quarantine period and “meet all local health requirements,” and matches will be shift to online play only rather than in front of fans.
Microsoft and Epic Games both announced they will not attend the Game Developers Conference over concerns about the COVID-19 virus. Microsoft will host live stream versions of “the majority” of its planned GDC panels on its website from March 16-18th. Microsoft also announced it is cancelling its [email protected] event in San Francisco for the same reason, with "alternative plans" to be announced soon.
Amazon announced it banned over 1 million products that claim to either cure or prevent the COVID-19 virus. The company also said it terminated tens of thousands of deals from merchants that attempted to price gouge customers on hygiene masks and hand sanitizer. Amazon said it is using automated systems and manual review of listings to look for both.
German news outlet Deutsche Presse-Agentur reports that Google officially petitioned the U.S. government to allow it to supply its Play Store and apps on Huawei Android devices. Back in November, Microsoft won a similar license to supply Huawei with Windows 10 for use on the Chinese firm’s computers.
The US Senate unanimously passed the Secure and Trusted Telecommunications Networks Act, which bans the FCC from giving funds to telcos to purchase equipment from companies deemed threats to the US. The Act requires the FCC to establish a $1 billion fund to help smaller ISPs replace equipment, and for the FCC to establish a list of companies deemed "threats." The Rural Wireless Association estimated in 2018 that about 25% of its members use equipment from Huawei and ZTE, likely to be affected by the legislation. The US House passed the bill in December.
Reuters reports that the US Federal Communications Commission will propose fining AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon at least $200 million for improperly disclosing consumer location information, according to sources. In 2018, the FCC announced it began an investigation into website flaws that could allow tracking of mobile devices, which later expanded into a probe into third-party use of consumer real-time location data, leading FCC chair Ajit Pai to confirm in January “one or more wireless carriers apparently violated federal law.” T-Mobile is reportedly expected to face the largest fine.
The Washington Post obtained a letter from Maryland state law enforcement to lawmakers advising that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have been permitted to run facial recognition searches on the state's driver's license photo database without a warrant. Since 2018, ICE officials have logged almost 100 sessions in the database, although it's unclear how many searches were run or when access to searches began. ICE has run similar searchers on license photos in Utah, Vermont and Washington to match photos of illegal immigrants to drivers licenses, but had to request a state official run the search. ICE spokeswoman Dani Bennett said these types of searchers are not used "routinely" for civil immigration enforcement, rather by special agents looking into cybercrime or child exploitation. The Maryland General Assembly scheduled hearings on two bills this week that would require a warrant to run searches on the database.
Facebook has paused its election reminder function in the European Union while it addresses concerns from the Irish Data Protection Commission. The Election Day Reminder displays a notification to users on the day of a local election to remind them to vote. Facebook does not explain the criteria it uses to determine if a user sees the reminder. The concerns from Ireland's DPC revolve around transparency over what personal data is collected when users engage with the feature.
Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the company will open its first India store next year. During the company's annual shareholder meeting, Cook also said Apple would open an online store in India this year.


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