Binge and Purge Viewing

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Binge and Purge Viewing
Number 78
Broadcast Date July 6, 2015
Episode Length 1:03:16
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Jennie Josephson

TiVo finds TiVo viewers binge, gives Aereo users a free Tivo, Hulu available as a linear channel.


Intro Video

Primary Target

TiVo conducted a survey of TV viewing habits
92% surveyed have “binge viewed” at some point
Binge viewing: watching at least 3 episodes of a particular TV show in a day
40% thought the term had a negative connotation, down from more than 50% 2 years ago
32% say they wait until a whole season is done before watching so they can binge view
66% use Netflix to binge watch (House of Cards, Unbreakable top recent shows)
Survey conducted March 2015 from TiVo advisors panel. 12,458 participants.

Signals Intelligence

Hulu has channels on PlutoTV now.
Pluto can restream anything from the free tiere of Hulu on the desktop
Late Night Catch-Up; ’90s TV Shows; ’80s TV Shows; ’70s TV Shows; Joss Whedon Shows
In addition, Pluto has channels with select episodes of “SNL,” “South Park,” “Star Trek,” “Seinfeld,” “I Love Lucy” and “The Twilight Zone.”
Pluto TV has recently struck deals with a half-dozen other content partners to distribute their programming: Shout! Factory, Jukin Media, Devin SuperTramp, Multicom, Around the World in 4K and Amazing Places on Our Planet.
But desktop is a declining platform for Hulu
Living room viewing now 58% up from 44% a year ago
Mobile now 17% up from 15% yoy, and PC 24% down from 41% yoy
OTT streams have an average of 1.4 viewers

Gear Up

TiVo is offering former Aereo customers a Roamio OTA box, a TiVo Stream and two years of service for no money down and $20 per month with a two year commitment.

Front Lines

Vivendi has purchased an 80% stake in Dailymotion. Vivendi owns Canal+ Group and Universal Music Group and said Daily motion will allow for the “joint development of “original and distinctive content and formats”
The Comedy Central app is now available to add to your Roku. And while you need a cable subscription to watch everything, the latest episodes of some shows -- like The Daily Show, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and a few select others.
An excellent teaser trailer appeared on YouTube for Netflix’s upcoming series based on the books “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Trouble is Netflix doesn’t know where it came from. The teaser is the only video on an account under the user name Eleanora Poe.
TVPlayer which offers free streaming of over the air channels now has a £5 a month plus package that includes 25 pay-TV channels like National Geographic, History and Discovery Channel, some of which will even include catch-up service.

Under Surveillance

Dispatches From The Front

Dispatches from the Front

I'm a time traveler and this email is in response to the discussion you haven't had yet about the city of Chicago imposing a 'cloud tax' on streaming services like Netflix.

I agree with Brian that this is despicable. Chicago's argument is that they're trying to recoup tax revenue lost to brick-and-mortar stores that have been replaced with streaming services, but this argument doesn't fly for two reasons. One, because there are presumably new businesses where the old stores used to be that are paying tax and offering taxable products and services, and two because streaming services don't use local resources like a brick-and-mortar store. But most importantly, even if they have lost tax revenue, that's just too damn bad. They have no right to replace it with a tax on a product that isn't originating and may not be consumed in their city. What if I live in Chicago but watch Netflix exclusively when I travel?

- Shiftlock

Gentlemen, I was wondering if either of you had checked out the Netflix original "Grace and Frankie". It is a 14 part comedy series with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. My wife and I really enjoyed it, though we are much older than you guys. First couple of episodes seemed a little forced but after that I though it improved substantially and was fun

- Steve

Hi guys! I had to stop and rewind when you said that SHOWTIME was coming to HULU! SHOWTIME is a CBS network, and CBS has been all but openly HOSTILE to Hulu in the past. Has CBS blinked, or is this just another nail in Hulu's financial coffin?

- Jon



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