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This is what a blindy is suspected to look like.

The blindies are a pathetic group of NSFW show fans who do not watch the video version. This group of listeners are either handicapped in some way or technologically inept, yet they have an amazing amount of influence on the actions of Brian and Justin. There have been many awesome videos that were suggested for the opening of NSFW, but were turned down because the pitiful blindies would be out of the loop.

It is commonly accepted that the blindies should be converted to full-fledged Dolphin Fuckers by way of biological implant, or technology training course in order for them to watch the video. Executing this plan, would significantly increase the quality of the show, allowing Brian and Justin to be more creative with visual jokes and would speed up the show by not having to explain things to the blindies.

The only documented positive thing that the blindies have brought to the table, was a game that Sarah Lane played in Pr0blem Zolved! in which Sarah explained a hilarious viral video to the blindies. To the viewers, this was a hilarious game, but the blindies surely still had no clue what was going on.