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CBS All Plus Max Access
Number 300
Broadcast Date February 10, 2020
Episode Length 1:07:51
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Clyde Harvey

The Oscars happened! Plus, a new ViacomCBS streaming service and Altered Carbon is coming back for season 2. All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Clyde Harvey.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Despite its 24 nominations, 10 of which came from The Irishman, Netflix only won two Oscars. The documentary "American Factory" continued Netflix's now expected dominance in the documentary category. And Laura Dern netted Netflix its first acting Oscar with best supporting actress for A Marriage Story.

How to Watch

CNBC reports that, according to sources, ViacomCBS is working on a new streaming service that would combine CBS All Access with Viacom properties like Pluto TV, Nickelodeon, BET, MTV, Comedy Central and Paramount Pictures. The service would offer ad-supported and ad-free tiers, including a Premium tier with Showtime included. The name of the service and pricing is still undetermined, but the base service will reportedly cost less than $10 a month.

What to Watch

Amazon's free streaming service IMDbTV has acquired the rights to more than 20 TV shows from Disney. Desperate Housewives, My So-Called Life, White Collar, The Glade, and Ally McBeal are all headed there and Lost and Malcolm in the Middle will be exclusive to IMDbTV. Lost will begin streaming May 1.

Eyes On

Front Lines

Disney announced its Disney+ streaming service has reached 26.5 million paid subscribers. Analysts had expected 20 million or more. 50% signed up directly and 20% through Verizon. Disney+ is expanding to Western Europe in March and will launch in India March 29 through streaming service Hotstar. ESPN+ subscribers reached 6.6 million and Hulu reached 30.7 million. Disney also announced its intention to expand Hulu internationally in 2021.
The new On the Air report from research firm Glance estimates 10,600 new TV series were launched worldwide in 2019 in 50 key markets. 4,600 of them were fiction. History-based fiction and supernatural fiction were two of the biggest types of content. There were twice the number of original game shows launched in 2019 as 2017. Also in France, Italy, Spain, U.K., and the U.S., 10% of viewing was "catch-up" viewing, where shows are watched more than a week after premier. And in the UK, previewing an episode online before the first episode aired boosted audience by 37%.
Quibi aired 5 more ads during the Oscar night telecast including an astronaut in space nearly out of air, a person sinking in quicksand, an asteroid about to hit earth, a cowboy being tied to train tracks as a train approaches, and even a zombie outbreak.
Let's finish by highlighting a couple apps coming to a couple TVs. Pluto TV will not only be available on HiSense TVs, but all new HiSense TVs sold in Mexico and the US this spring will have a Pluto TV button on their remote. And the Apple TV app is now available on 2019 LG TVs in more than 80 countries.

Dispatches From The Front

Brian, regarding Roku having a dispute with Fox as a great sign of the maturity of the platform is kind of like praising a city in a developing country for achieving pollution and traffic jams. Nicole's attitude that it's inevitable seems right, but I was hoping with Tom that the new system would avoid this issue, kind of like when third world countries skip land lines and go straight to mobile phones.

- Alan

About the person who could not show the Super Bowl outside of his area. Sling/AirTV is great for this. It allows you to watch out of area markets. While I was in Southern Illinois at my inlaws over Xmas I was watching my Charlotte TV the whole time. Plus when we had a tornado warning I could watch local TV with updates of the tracking in my car to see if I needed to take shelter.

- Mark

Hi Killers,

Just wanted to share why I already have a real 'hate-on' for the 'Cock' streaming service.

Specifically it has to do with "Psych the Movie 2: Lassie Come Home."

As you may have heard before, the Psych series has a pretty rabid fan base. The second Psych Movie was announced in early 2019 and was set to release in December of 2019 on the USA network, same as the series and the first movie, possibly with a Christmas theme.

However, with the announcement of the Peacock streaming service, NBCUniversal, was "pleased to announce" that Psych 2 would be a "Peacock Original Movie." So that meant, instead of December 2019, the fan base would have to wait until around April 2020.

So OK fine, we will have to wait a few months and sign up for a new service. However, now they officially announced, it is April 15, 2020 for Xfinity subscribers only, and July 15, 2020 for everybody else.

Seeing as I am in an area that does not have Xfinity (NYC) they have officially soured my opinion of this service. I will def just be buying this movie (which I hope will still be an option) and avoiding the 'Cock" at all costs.

- Byron



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