Daily Tech Headlines – February 27, 2018

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Daily Tech Headlines – February 27, 2018
Number 447
Broadcast Date FEBRUARY 27, 2018
Episode Length 4:21
Hosts Tom Merritt

Apple starting its own health care system, Ford begins autonomous car test in Miami, Cellebrite says it can unlock iOS 11 devices.


Apple has published a website and job listings for AC Wellness, a health care system for its employees. The company has already hired some health care professionals away from Stanford. AC Wellness will have two clinics, one inside Apple's main campus and another just north. Apple may be able to save money on health care for its 120,000 employees by operating the system itself.
In a transparency report, Google says it has received 2.4 million "right to be forgotten" requests since 2014, 89% from private individuals. Most of the rest of the requests came from celebrities and public officials. Google says it complied with 43.3 percent of those requests. It denies requests when there is a strong public interest in the information or when alternative solutions exist.
Google's Development framework for iOS and Android apps is now officially in beta, less than a year after it was announced at Google I/O last year. One of the big additions over the past year has been stateful hot reloads that allow developers to change code and see the result in the active app within a second.
Vero, a photo-sharing app that launched in 2015, is on track to add more than 500,000 users in 24 hours on iOS in the US alone, according to data from Sensor Tower. The ad-free social network was created by billionaire businessman Ayman Hariri, son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, because he was frustrated with the privacy policies of ad-based social networks.
The latest version of Apple's iOS Security Guide replaces a reference to relying on Microsoft Azure for remote data storage with a reference to Google Cloud. The reference to Amazon Web Services is still there.
Forbes reports that security company Cellebrite claims to be able to break into and unlock the iPhone 8 running iOS 11, though its unclear if the crack applies to 11.2.6 or earlier. While Cellebrite's website mentions the iPhone 8, Forbes found a warrant that refers to the Department of Homeland Security unlocking an iPhone X in November 2017.
The Facebook Journalism Project announced a new project today called Local News Subscriptions Accelerator to help increase subscriptions to local news outlets. 10-15 US newspapers are participating including The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle among others.
Ford announced it will test market its self-driving car service in Miami. The test will include autonomous cars running the Argo AI software, as well as human-driven cars offering deliveries similar to Postmates. Ford hopes to achieve thousands of vehicles at scale by 2021.
The German Federal Court of Justice has ruled that Google is not required to make sure websites are free of defamatory content before linking to them in search results. Two individuals had been attacked verbally on websites and sued Google to set up search filters to prevent future attacks from showing up in search results. The court said, “Instituting a general duty to inspect the content would seriously call into question the business model of search engines, which is approved by lawmakers and wanted by society.”
Kenya will begin issuing digital IDs with drivers license and tax information starting in 2019. The IDs can be used to move within the eight countries in the IGAD trade block in East Africa. Uganda and Rwanda are also instituting digital IDs.
A startup called AiFi announced its checkout-free retail system is now available for shops to implement. It's similar to the system used in the Amazon Go store in Seattle. AiFi's system relies on shoppers having an app and can support tracking up to 500 people and tens of thousands of items. Later this year, the company will launch a demo store in San Francisco and a pilot in a large grocer in New York.


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