Daily Tech Headlines – February 9, 2018

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Daily Tech Headlines – February 9, 2018
Number 435
Broadcast Date FEBRUARY 9, 2018
Episode Length 4:20
Hosts Tom Merritt

Uber and Waymo settle out of court, Facebook testing a downvote button, India fines Google for antitrust.


On day 5 of the Waymo Uber trial, the two companies settled their disagreement out of court. The trial has been dismissed. Uber agreed to pay $244 million worth of stock and not incorporate any Waymo confidential information into Uber hardware and software. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in a statement that Uber's acquisition of Otto should have been handled differently. Otto was the company founded by Anthony Levandowski who was accused of taking trade secrets. Khosrowshahi restated his belief that no trade secrets made their way to Uber.
Facebook is testing a "downvote" option on comments to public page posts in the US. Facebook says it's for feedback purposes only and it won't display downvote counts or use it to affect ranking.
The Wall Street Journal reports its sources say Amazon is launching its shipping service for businesses in LA in the coming weeks. Shipping with Amazon will be available for companies selling goods on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon has tested the program in places like London and the Wall Street Journal says Amazon hopes to expand it to multiple cities this year.
YouTube announced it will temporarily suspend advertising on Logan Paul's channel because of a "recent pattern of behavior." Paul was previously suspended from the Preferred Ad program and lost a YouTube Red original. Paul took a month break from his channel after a controversial video showing a suicide victim. Since his return Paul’s views have dropped 41 percent, and subscribers are down 29 percent according to SocialBlade.
Beginning in July, Google Chrome version 68 will no longer have a neutral marker for sites without https. Instead sites will be marked secure if they have https support and otherwise be marked not secure.
Qualcomm's board unanimously rejected Broadcom's revised buyout offer. The board said the offer materially undervalues Qualcomm. Broadcom has nominated members to Qualcomm's board to be voted on March 6th.
In the wake of Nest merging back into Google, Nest co-founder and chief product officer Matt Rogers announced he's leaving the company. Rogers said he wants to "dedicate more of my time to Incite.org, as well as to start thinking about the next adventure."
The city of Detroit has outlawed "use of a dwelling to accommodate paid overnight guests" for residents in R1 and R2 zones. Notices have been sent to residents requiring them to discontinue AirBNB listings. The zoning laws went through the Planning Commission and City Council in 2017 according to Curbed.com. Most Airbnb listings are in R1 and R2 districts which do not include lofts, or apartments.
Nvidia earnings beat expectations with earnings per share up 52% on the year to $1.72 and revenue up 34% to $2.91 billion. For the fiscal year 2018, revenue was up 41% over last year. Nvidia said growth was driven by GPU sales in gaming over the holidays as well as data center, and professional visualization, as well as its all-in-one Tegra processors. Nvidia did briefly mention the positive effect of Cryptocurrency miners on sales.
Didi Chuxing and Softbank are partnering on a ride-hailing company in Japan later this year. In Japan, ride-hailing services can only match riders with professional drivers. Didi and Softbank's service will use Didi's deep learning system and roll out in Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Tokyo.
While Europe still investigates Google for antitrust, The Competition Commission of India decided Google abused its dominance in online search advertising markets, indulging in search bias. Google has 60 days to pay a 1.36 billion rupee fine, equivalent to about $21 million.


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