Daily Tech Headlines – March 9, 2018

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Daily Tech Headlines – March 9, 2018
Number 455
Broadcast Date MARCH 9, 2018
Episode Length 4:01
Hosts Sarah Lane

Barack Obama in talks to produce series for Netflix, Android users have highest loyalty rate, Twitter wants users to verify themselves.


Waymo announced a pilot program in Atlanta to continue tests on its autonomous technology with semi trucks, which have added challenges beyond averaged sized cars. Next week, Alphabet-owned Waymo's self-driving trucks will start taking cargo to Google's data centers, though drivers will be in the trucks as a safety measure.
Facebook has added Warner Music Group as a licensing partner, the last major label after Sony and Universal Music to sign with the social network, allowing Warner's recorded and published music catalogs to be used on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Oculus. The deals allow labels to collect royalties on tracks that are used in videos and messages; as well as Facebook posts themselves.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced via a Periscope stream that the company's working to allow users to verify themselves, so that Twitter can take itself out of the selection process. Dorsey said it would free the company from judgement or imply any bias. Twitter verification was originally given out to public figures and celebrities. In 2016, Twitter allowed anyone to request verification, but who received a blue checkmark vs who didn't was a mystery to many users.
Sources tell the NYT that Former President Barack Obama is in serious talks with Netflix to produce an original series. The deal, which sources say is not final, would have Netflix paying Barack and Michelle Obama to make exclusive content for Netflix's 118 million subscribers worldwide.
At the end of Nintendo Direct stream Thursday, the company announced, among lots of other game announcements, that a new version of Super Smash Bros. will come out for Nintendo Switch this year. Nintendo only shared the release date and the title.
Two weeks after announcing its IPO, Dropbox announced a deeper integration with Salesforce, adding support for folders embedded in Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud that will automatically sync with Dropbox folders so users can move seamlessly between the two. Dropbox also announced deeper integration with word processing tool Quip that Salesforce acquired in 2016 for $750 million. The new partnership tools are expected in the second half of this year.
Qualcomm announced it removed Dr. Paul Jacobs as executive chair of the company, though he will remain on the board. Jacobs' father cofounded Qualcomm in 1985. The board named Jeffrey W. Henderson to serve as an independent and non-executive chair. Broadcom bid for Qualcomm last November but the offer is stalled after being rejected by Qualcomm’s board at least twice, and is now a national security review in the U.S.
Reviews are out for Intel's Optane SSD 800P drives that use 3D XPoint (3d CROSS POINT) memory that works faster on some operations. It costs $129 for 58GB or $199 for 118GB. When compared to a budget drive it might do well, but when compared to an equivalently priced hard drive, PC World notes you can find better performance at higher capacity. Its main advantage until the price comes down is its capacity. PC World suggests it might make sense in a corporate RAID setup.
A report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners found phone OS loyalty has been steady since 2016. Android has a 91% loyalty rate, compared to 86% for iOS, with Android benefitting from a much bigger selection of devices. Because there are so many more Android users, iOS still gets a larger number of users switching to it than the other way around.


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