Declare Your Independence from Cable

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Declare Your Independence from Cable
Number 127
Broadcast Date July 4, 2016
Episode Length 54:17
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt

Brian and Tom discuss what you need to consider and what services they use to cut the cord and keep it cut.


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Intro Video

Signals Intelligence

SlingTV added NBC and BBC channels this week and reorganized their package offerings. Sling Orange is the original $20 a month package with ESPN that can only be streamed by one user ata a time. Sling Blue is $25 a month with Fox and NBC channels and can be streamed by three users simultaneously. Both packages can be bought together for $40 a month.
Earlier this week Sony launched its PlayStation Vue TV service on the Roku and Thursday it went live on Android. Users of the service on the PlayStation got a new feature that keeps video playing in a window in the upper right corner while scrolling through viewing options. The FireTV version of PSView now supports 60fps video. And quick navigation overlay already used in the PS4 now comes to PS3 and Fire TV users as well.

Gear Up

Front Lines

Bloomberg reports Disney has purchased a third of MLB Advanced Media with a four year option to buy an additional third.
Starting Friday, Amazon Prime Video will be the sole streaming providers of PBS Kids, with much of the channel's content being removed from Netflix and Hulu. All titles, including "Reading Rainbow," "Arthur," and “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” will all still be available on local PBS stations, on PBS’s website and the PBS Kids Video app. Amazon will get streaming rights 6-months after shows premiere on PBS. The exceptions? “Super Why!” stays on Netflix; “Sesame Street” on HBO “Curious George” on Hulu; and “Thomas and Friends” will remain available on Amazon, Netflix and Hulu.
Lions Gate announced Thursday it will buy Starz for $4.4 billion. Starz original programming could benefit from Lions Gate's content machine and Lions Gate will benefit from the sustained revenue of subscription television.
Hitachi will release TVs with Roku software built-in in a variety of screen sizes beginning this autumn.

Under Surveillance

The premier of Baz Luhrmann's The Get Down on Netflix will happen August 12th but viewers will only get six episodes of season one. The other six episodes will come sometime in 2017. No word on why the unusual split season for Netflix.
Netflix has picked up a 10-episode season of a Lost in Space Reboot. The Robinsons will once again find themselves forced to come together in a time of crisis stranded light years from their destination in where they will battle the strange alien environment and their own personal demons. The series comes from EPs Matt Sazama and Burk Sharples responsible for the scripts of Missile Command and Clue. Lost in Space Comes to Netflix in 2018.

Dispatches From The Front

I want to live in Brian’s world. Do you think you could arrange that?

No, really…I want to live in Brian’s world.

Brian has 1Gb internet service, gets sufficient bandwidth to stream anywhere outside his home, apparently never gets on a plane or train, rides as a passenger in a vehicle through rural areas, or goes camping. He must have wireless service on every tablet he owns and only stays in hotels with uncharacteristically good Wi-Fi.

Unrelated: Before Jeff completed his compelling plea for all to watch Horace and Pete, I pulled to the side of the road, looked it up, then purchased it that evening and DOWNLOADED IT to watch off my Plex server.

Now I want to cry. But maybe that’s just because I don’t live in Brian’s world.

- Richard

On the discussion about downloading.

In Alaska where I live the fastest land line internet I can get is 3mb so I can't really stream in super consistent HD. I also travel to a remote area to work/live 2 weeks at a time. I use Amazon prime to mule movies/TV to tide me over at work, and will sometimes download movies to my tablet to watch at home on my TV. (Ironically at work I get 7mb down and 120ms ping tethered to my phone on the North Slope of Alaska.)

Until the infrastructure makes it everywhere and/or they quit charging for data consumption I'll still continue to downloading on my 3mb dsl line where my consumption isn't metered.

- Chris

I am about to take myself and my family on a 18 hour drive across the country to return home to see family. Driving from New Mexico to Minnesota. For the past month or so i've been trying to figure out how I was going to keep my kids from going insane (ages 7, 4, 2). We have gotten a hold of a iPad for each child for the drive and the original thought was to load some movies on each iPad, (and make sure those movies match, otherwise drama - "he has that i don't have that", etc). The iPads only have 16-32GB of storage on them each and this causes problems.

No way i can provide enough content for 36 hours (no way to switch out the media when away from home) of drive time as kids don't realize how great they have it and find most of the media they have not worth watching anymore. This solution provides some relief, but not enough.

HOWEVER, in comes the WD Passport Wireless.

But by being able to load Plex on the WD drive, i can create a plex server, which i cannot do with any of my chromebooks or android phones or tablets or iPhones or iPads (i don't own a windows laptop, this however likely couldn't broadcast its wifi signal anyway).

- Mark

I would be more than willing to pay double my current Blu-ray rental subscription fee for the ability to download movies at full Blu-ray video and audio quality. That would be so much better than dealing with sending discs around in the mail.

- Andrew

I'm looking at making a show dedicated to the hardware side of cord cutting, hardware reviews, discussions, how-to's, etc...

Rather than it be 30 minutes of me ranting about app developers snubbing Android TV (i've done enough of that on G+), i was wondering if any other diamond clubbers would be interested in participating... keep it in the family so to speak.

anyone that's interested should go to

Thanks <>
- Clyde AKA PoodlePuncher



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