Disappearing Paper Balls and Magically Appearing Beers!

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Disappearing Paper Balls and Magically Appearing Beers!
Number 248
Broadcast Date December 12, 2012
Episode Length 12:21
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Robert Strong

Revision3 Summary

Magic is in the eye of the beholder, because if you're watching how a trick is done, it simply becomes comedy gold! Watch two awesome tricks that will amaze your friends and make others laugh, today on Scam School!

Running Out Of Toilet Paper

Robert Strong makes an entire roll of toilet paper disappear! ...for one person, at least.

TokyoFlash Japan

Just when you thought watches became obsolete, TokyoFlash turns them into a cryptic metonym for style. Get your own at www.tokyoflash.com/_scamschool!

Hypnotic Body Snatcher

Brian and Robert pull a classic switcheroo on unsuspecting participants.

Toilet Paper Breakdown

Brian and Robert have a frank discussion about the disappearing toilet paper act.

Next Week

And join us next week, because we complete our quest for the answer to everything. It's in one of these bottles. So beautiful. Oh sweet elixir, I have a problem.

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Disappearing Paper Balls and Magically Appearing Beers!
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