Disney Blinked

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Disney Blinked
Number 318
Broadcast Date June 29, 2020
Episode Length 1:05:32
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Iyaz Akhtar

Amazon wants to build a linear TV service, the movies and theaters have delayed openings again, and UK is losing Disney channels. All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Iyaz Akhtar.


Intro Video

Primary Target

Protocol's sources say Amazon is "actively pursuing" deals to license live linear TV programming. Job listings indicate Amazon may add live programming to its Prime Video service. One job listing mentions concerts, political debates and news in addition to existing streams of live sports. Other listings mention live TV broadcasters and cable networks as potential partner. One listing says, "We … are building next gen linear catalog systems to provide best-in-class Linear TV experience to Prime Video customers."

How to Watch

Amazon Prime Video is launching Watch Party, which will let up to 100 Prime subscribers view film and TV together at once over the internet. The feature is rolling out to US users in the browser, though it is not supported by Apple's Safari. Amazon says thousands of titles will be eligible for watch party and all subscribers will be able to host and participate.
As cord cutters the state of theaters is important. For some, because it's the way you want to watch some movies. For others, because you're hoping movies will come to your home faster.
Here's what's up this week:
The big news, Disney blinked. After Tenet moved AGAIN, Mulan was delayed to August 21. That puts Tenet back in the pole position for big movies, when it debuts August 12. Yes, Tenet ALSO moved it's opening from the recently rescheduled July 31 to August 12. So Tenet August 12 then Mulan August 21. Oh and Warner says it will EXTEND Tenet's theatrical window. If you're curious, the rerelease of Inception that was set to happen before Tenet will now happen July 31.
AMC announced in short order that it will shift its target for full reopening from July 15 to July 30. That will still be in time for the wide release of Unhinged starring Russell Crowe
France reopened its movie theaters this weekend and got between 850,000 and 900,000 admissions. That's about 50% of an average June week.
Domestically the number one movie in the US for the fourth week was Jurassic Park. Yes, that's three weeks in 1993 and one week in 2020 at number one. Spielberg also had number two with Jaws.

What to Watch

Amazon will release five new pilot TV shows March 17. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, written and directed by Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, is about a 1958 housewife trying to make it as a Greenwich Village comedian with Rachel Brosnahan from House of Cards and Tony Shaloub as her father. Oasis is based on Michael Faber’s The Book of Strange New Things. Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden travels to a distant planet to establish a colony. The other three are half hour comedies. The Legend of Master Legends about a Las Vegas street hero, Budding Prospects about city boys growing pot in rural northern California and The New VIPS an animated comedy about low-level employees getting control of their company after accidentally killing their boss.
While many outlets scramble to find new releases due to production shutdowns, Netflix has 59 originals launching in July. New seasons of Umbrella Academy and Last Chance U, a Charlize Theron film, a remake of The Babysitters Club and that's just originals. Netflix is also getting the Karate Kid trilogy, Spaceballs and more. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos noted most of Netflix's 2020 slate has been shot. And because it has originals worldwide, new productions are already back underway in countries like Taiwan and Korea. That international focus is also paying off with some of Netflix's most popular titles being La Casa De Papel with 65 million viewers and Germany's Unorthodox and Italy's Summertime as well. That also means the majority of its new users are coming from outside Canada and the US.
NBC has its own way of creating new content during the time of the pandemic. It has ordered an 8-episode season of a comedy series called Connecting about a group of friends trying to stay connected by video chats. The series comes from the folks behind NBC's Blindspot. Similar moves have come from FreeForm which commissioned Love in the Time of Corona and Netflix ordering a Jenji Kohan series called Social Distance.
The record for most viewed YouTube video in its first 24 hours now is held by Korean group Blackpiink for their new single "How You Like That." Racking up 82.5 million views, passing BTS's previous record of 74.6 million for "Boy with Luv."
Quibi launched a celebrities-at-home DIY remake of The Princess Bride with dozens of celebrities recreating the movie from their home under the direction of Jason Reitman. A new chapter will be dropped every day for two weeks, starting June 29.
Remember when we told you Lucifer was coming back to Netflix for it's 5th and final series. Psych, Netflix just renewed Lucifer for a 6th series which it swears will be the final one. The now penultimate Season 5 arrives August 21.

Eyes On

Front Lines

A study from Deloitte indicates the average US consumer subscribes to four different streaming services, up from 3 before lockdowns began. 80% now subscribe to at least one, up from 73%. In January, 20% said they had canceled a streaming service in the past 12 months. In May, 17% said they had canceled one since January. Parks Associates numbers reflected this with 41% of streaming service subscribers saying they had canceled a service in Q2 up from 39% in Q1. Cost and the end of discounted or free trials were the main reasons for canceling.
Netflix has added the ability to remove a show from the continue watching row. When you click on a title you can choose the option to "remove from row." The feature is available on Android and iOS.
In order to get approval to acquire Warner Media, AT&T had to promise it wouldn't raise TV prices. As part of this promise it announced AT&T Watch, a streaming service for $15 a month with major channels, just no sports. AT&T is now discontinuing the service. But AT&T is far from driving competitors out of business. It's focused on cutting costs, including plans to sell the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta and lease it back for at least five years.
In the UK, Disney will discontinue The Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior on October 1, and move those channels titles to the UK version of Disney Plus. Disney could not reach a carriage agreement with Sky or Virgin. Disney previously pulled channels from Sky in New Zealand in favor of Disney Plus.
FuboTV, which launched as a sports-centered streaming service but has now broadened, finally got access to ESPN. ESPN's one through three will arrive on the base package along with other Disney-owned properties like National Geographic and FreeForm. Regional sports networks and other ESPN specialty channels will be available as well. Fubo has not raised prices since March 2019, but said it has nothing to announce price wise at this time.

Dispatches From The Front

Hey guys,

I still use my Tablo to DVR everything, especially since they've added automatic commercial skip.
I find it's easier just to record it locally. I have one place to watch all of my prime time content. I don't have to worry about whether Hulu will keep enough episodes in case I fall behind. I also have the ability to record any show or event that may or may not be available elsewhere. Also, in the rare event that I actually want to watch a show the day it airs, I have that option. ...

- Scott

On Friday nights, The Last Leg broadcasts live at 10pm on the UK station Channel 4. By taping it on my DVR then starting watching at 10:15 I get to fast forward through the ads, but still see the last part live, so can follow along on twitter.

DVRs last use case then: Short time shifting of live shows.

- Brian

Hey gang,

I will often channel surf or scroll through the movie channels on cable and say "oh hey Ford vs Ferrari is on HBO now, I'll record that" and then the next time I pull up the DVR it's serves as a reminder that we wanted to watch that movie and voila! We can watch it. I literally just did that this past weekend and finally watched the movie yesterday. But if I don't watch it right away, I will continue to see that movie on the DVR every time I scroll through it, and it's a nice continued reminder that we want to watch that....

- Adam

I have a number of reasons I like my TiVo but, for the discussion you had on the latest episode, let's just do one example:
I am re-watching JAG and the original Law & Order. It is not available free, at least on any of the main services I use, (ED NOTE JAG is on CBS ALL Access) The first was 227 episodes and second was 456. I have recorded all of them over the months, on the secondary channels of my OTA stations, with no further effort from me. So I have gotten ~700 episodes, all free, ( i do not have a monthly fee on my TiVo but it would only be 6.99 if I did) To buy them is 1.99 per or $13 to $20 per season. I have saved several hundred dollars and can, if it is ever necessary, watch them when the internet is down.

- Dan



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