Do I Take a Raincoat Today?

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Do I Take a Raincoat Today?
Number 141
Broadcast Date October 17, 2016
Episode Length 48:12
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt

Netflix raises subscribers and kills revenue forecasts while cable networks lose subscribers. And YouTube brings The Rock to its originals.


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Intro Video

Primary Target

Data from Deutsche Bank comparing subscription rates for US cable networks 2011-2015
Biggest drop, The Weather Channel, down 12 million (Verizon FIOS stopped carrying it)
Spike TV number 2, ESPN number 3 MTV number 4, ESPN2 number 5. (Many Viacom)

How to Watch

Hey remember all those hot takes about the end of Netflix?
Netflix just beat its own and wall street's expectations for revenue and subscriber growth in Q3
Added 3.2 million international subscribers and 370,000 domestic.
(forecast was 2.3 million worldwide)
Total subs now at 86.7 million
Expects to add 5 million accounts worldwide in the next quarter
“Our over-performance against forecast was driven primarily by stronger than expected acquisition due to excitement around Netflix original content.”
Streaming Observer reports Netflix has 31 of the top 250 movies on IMDB
Compared to clayton_frisbie list on Reddit two years ago showed Netflix had 49.
Dan Taitz, COO of mobile video firm Penthera told Light Reading that Netflix is actively working on offline viewing.

What to Watch

Amazon released its 8-episode Billy Bob Thornton drama, Goliath from creators David R. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro (Picket Fences, The Practice). It's a a procedural lawyer drama circa 1990s style with a serialized story in the background.
Monday at Mipcom, YouTube global head of content Susanne Daniels announced three new YouTube original series coming to YouTube Red subscribers.
Dwayne Johnson ep on half hour action series tentatively called Lifeline. Insurance agents sent 33 days ahead in time to prevent accidental client deaths.
Doug Liman ((“Bourne Identity,” “Live. Die. Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow”) directing hour-long Impulse about a 16-year-old girl who discovers she can teleport.
Scripted comedy by Game Grumps from Dan Harmon's Starburns Industries follows an eSports team.
Amazon will fund a new season of German Cold War Drama Deutschland 83 to be called Deutschaland 86. The first 8-episode season premiered in 2015 through European broadcaster RTL group. It tracked an East German spy under cover in the West German army. The new Amazon season will take place three years after the first season.
Hulu has ordered 10 episode of The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality and five episodes of Virtually Mike and Nora. The shows will arrive this autumn for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.
Chris Rocks first comedy specials in 8 years will be on Netflix. Multiple outlets report Netflix bid for the rights to two specials at $40 million.
Fox is making a movie about Ross Ulbricht the founder of the underground online marketplace Silk Road, called Dark Web. Hollywood Reporter says the Coen brothers will write the screenplay based on the Wired series of artcicles on Ulbricht.

What We're Watching

Front Lines

Last Sunday's US Presidential debate attracted 63 million TV viewers, down 20% from the first. However YouTube reported this past week that they showed 124 million views of live streams of the debate on the platform, a 40% spike.
Twitter will partner with Buzzfeed for US election night coverage on November 8th. The live stream will start at 6 PM Eastern. The two companies will work with volunteer data outfit Decision Desk HQ to make calls on election results.
Facebook has added support for Apple's AirPlay and Google's Cast function. When watching a video in your Facebook app tap the TV button int he top right and select the device you want to stream to. You can continue to browse facebook while the video plays on your TV. The function is live in the iOS app and coming to Android soon. YouTube and Periscope have similar functions.
Netflix may be winning the war on VPN as the CBC cites three VPN providers that seem to be giving up fighting the company to unblock the services region blocks. Thanks to John Jackson for pointing out the article.

Dispatches From The Front

I was listening to the Chris Plante Show during the whole hurricane Matthew thing was happening and Chris Plante had a friend who was in the hurricane and said the storm had just blown over. Thankfully, there was minimal damage to his home, but what I found interesting was that he didn't lose telephone, he didn't lose internet and he didn't lose electricity. The only this he lost was cable. If he wanted to watch cable shows, he would need to find an alternative and likely visit different sites in order to view each individual cable channel, and probably couldn't watch cable on his TV.

- Amar

Would love to hear your comments on Comcast's data cap of 1 terabyte. I'd like to drop my Dish network for PlayStation Vue, but worried I'd burn through my data.

Any real world experience out there that can help?

- Brian

Hey guys!

I wanted to address the email Bob sent in last week regarding hockey on Playstation Vue. As a cord cutter and huge St. Louis Blues fan, this was something that was very important when I considered dropping cable. PlayStation Vue ... does allow you to log in to the NBC Sports app, so that may be an option for watching Another thing to consider is 60 frames per second streaming, which is very important for hockey. Chromecast is capable of doing 60 FPS for PS Vue, but depending on which generation Fire Stick Bob has, it may not be able to handle it. I personally use both a Fire TV and Roku 2 for PS Vue at home and an iPad for mobile, and all of them work great for hockey.

Anyway, love the show; keep up the great work!

Your boss,

- Tom

David Pick in Wisconsin went back to cable and is logging his experience on his YouTube channel. He has two versions up one in which he literally cuts a coax cable for you!


-Dave. Best of luck with your experiment

The short cut.

The long cut.



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